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Re: elbow / ulner nerve

Re: elbow / ulner nerve

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Posted by Sheila Sherd on March 23, 2000 at 10:06:38:

In Reply to: Re: elbow / ulner nerve posted by Diane J. on March 22, 2000 at 02:00:44:

: : I was recently diagnosed with damage of the ulner nerve. My small finger on my left hand tingled and was
: : constantly "asleep". It then moved to my ring finger and part of my palm. It got so that I couldn't touch my
: : elbow in any way or else it would cause a jolt to my two fingers. Because I have epilepsy, I went to my
: : neurlogist who quickly stated it had nothing to do with the epilepsy, but instead was due to nerve damage
: : along the ulner nerve. Tomorrow I have an EMG performed. Anyone have any experience with this? I'm
: : pretty nervous. Is surgery inevitable? The dr. said that this does not get better on it's own and if it's not
: : treated, the nerve will wither away and die causing loss of feeling in my left hand. The dr. did prescribe an
: : anti-inflammatory medication and that temporarily helped the tenderness in the elbow. Any one else have a
: : similiar problem???

: : thanks for your help

: hi sheila yes i have had cubital tunnel which is entrapment of the ulnar nerve at the elbow. yes they say it will not get better on it's own. the longer time it is like that the more damage is done to the nerve.takes a long time for the nerve to come back. has been 6 months since my surgery and i still have slight numbness in the baby and ring finger but not in the palm...i had it in the palm before the surgery also the ring and baby finally got to the point where i was in pain i couldn't hardly do anything with my left hand. this all started in may of 99 had the surgery in sept of 99. so that was not a whole lot of time between when it started to the time of surgery...yes i can say don't let it go to long...okay and good luck to you...anymore questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]
: diane

thanks for your reply. I saw the neurlogist yesterday and I'm still on a wait & see. The EMG
did show differences from my left hand and my right hand, but not significant. The dr. said
I have damage to the ulner nerve, but he isn't willing to say it's irreversible at this time.
I need to go back in 6 weeks and he's going to re-take the EMG. He said I have a good
chance that the pain and numbness will go away. He's got me on an anti-inflammatory drug and
I wear a splint at night and a support during the day. I like the cautious approach the dr. has taken.
Surgery and the post-operative pain, scares me. I really do appreciate your comments. You definately
give me hope and some great information.


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