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Posted by Bob Coughlan on October 12, 1999 at 00:25:14:

In Reply to: Re: HBOT posted by wcwolfe on May 16, 1999 at 01:22:37:

: : This comment isn't in direct response to your question, but as a mother of a 4 year old with cp I was wondering if I could get your input. My sister in law has a 3 month old baby girl and she is starting to show simptoms of cp. Her toes are flesed all the time, her fists are still clenched, she has feeding problems, reflux, and a few others. The doctors haven't mentioned anything to her, but she susspects something is wrong, she keeps asking me if her daughter is developing normally or if I think something is wrong. I would hate to worrie her if it was something else,
: : Anyway, my question is, how old was your son when he was diagnosed and what were the concerns at the time that led to the diagnosis? Any input from anyone would be helpful! Thanks!
: : :

: My son came out with the umbillical cord wrapped around his neck 6 times.After a long overdue
: labor(he was 2 weeks late and I was induced). He had severe brain damage. He was put on a
: respirator and had total system failure. The doctors already new almost certain that he would
: have CP if he lived. He did live and does have severe CP. If your sister in law suspects
: problems she should express these to her doctor and if she gets no response she may want to
: seek a specialist. The reason they diagnosed my son is because of his brain damage
: happened at birth and it was severe.He only spent a month in nicu and then came home .
: You couldn't tell he had problems he looked like a normal new born. Doctors can't and won't diagnos
: CP until several developmental milestones have been missed, if there is no injury or siezures
: that could have caused the brain damage. Lots of people still don't know at what point thier child '
: brain was damaged, and never will.On the other side no 2 cp kids are alike some you may never
: be able to tell they have cp. some people with cp are also mentally retarded some are
: superiorly intelligent. Some you will never know exactly what thier mental capability is, because
: thier body won't let them talk or move in any controlled manner. If I was her I would go to a specialist in either neurology
: or cerebal palsy. It is so important to diagnos early if possible. There are so many services and
: equiopment that will help her. If she is not sitting up by 6-8 mos. they can make a seating system that will
: get her to do that, eventually greating her chances of doing it on her own. I wish you and your family love and peace.
: Christine

Dear Concerned:

My son is spastic diplegic. He wasn't diadnosed with CP until he was 9 months old. It was primarily because of the concern about my son's development by a friend like you that we sought further diagnosis. We took him to the Mainland to a renowned children's hospital in Los Angeles and the specialist there said he was just a "late bloomer". At the exhortation of our friend, we took him to another developmental specialist and within 5 minutes, he was diagnosed with CP. Does your friend's baby's legs scissor (cross with legs very extended) when you pick her up? This is one indicator but there are many others. It's important to get an early diagnosis 'cuz then your friend can get her daughter involved in programs that will really enable her to reach her potential. Easter Seals' Infant Stimulation Program helped my son a lot as did Shriner's and they won't let you pay a penny. My son is 20 years old now and gets about very well with the use of a cane but we are always checking out new therapies. At the end of this month we'll be going to California to check out HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Best of luck to your friend and her daughter. If she is diagnosed with a neurological disorder, tell her to take heart. There is so much going on right now regarding actually finding cures for these problems. I'm confident that before her daughter reaches her teens, most neurological and neuromuscular problems will be curable. She's lucky to have afriend like you. Aloha!

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