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Posted by Marilyn F on December 18, 1999 at 13:22:04:

In Reply to: Re: daughter with mild cp- scoliosis- therapy??? posted by M Hijada on December 15, 1999 at 23:50:19:

Dear Avery. I think maybe my experience might be useful to you. I am 51 and had dislocated hips most of my life. My legs were the opposite to your daughter's in that they turned inward and I walked with my knees together. I also have scoliosis in the spine. A year ago I had five operations to reconstruct my hips which was complicated by osterioperosis. After my operations my legs were severely abducted (wide apart) and outwardly rotated as a result of my sparicity. After my operations a physiotherapist told me I'd never walk again. I have learned not to take "you can't" for an answer. I went and got private physiotherapy from Inter-Action in Toronto which specializes in neurology. The therapist has been messaging and manipulating my legs back into a neutral position. I sit in a wheelchair with pads on each side of my legs to push my legs closer together. I also lie on my side for an hour a day so that gravity will pull my legs together. My legs are no longer abducted but they are still outwardly rotated. The left leg can now be manipulated into a neutral position and the right leg almost. I need braces and perhaps more operations to correct the inversion of my feet. Medicine has come along way since my failed hip operation when I was 10. Your daughter is still quite young and her bones and muscles can be manipulated more easily I wish you all the best for your daughter.

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