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Posted by Lisa on February 15, 2000 at 17:17:23:

In Reply to: Re: hip subluxation posted by Lori Higgins on February 10, 2000 at 12:47:55:

: : y 3 1/2 year old son with CP is scheduled to have bilateral hip surgery in March. He will be in the hospital for 5 days, then in a cast from his hips to ankles for 6 weeks. After this, the doctors want to admit him for at least 2 weeks of physical therapy to help regain the skills he will have lost during his time in the cast. My son can not walk or stand on his own. We don't know if he ever will. Has anyone had experience with this surgery? How difficult is the recovery for a child? I am absolutely sick over this but want to help my son as much as possible.

: :
: : Marc

: Hi Marc,
: My daughter had a left hip osteotomy at age 3. It was a decision that was hard to make but we had to do something to help her walk. The surgery was not fun. My daughter was in terrible pain and it seemed like nothing helped the pain. The cast itself was very confining and diapering her was virtually impossible. We had to have the cast changed because she had so much BM in the cast. This was a big challange. Traveling in the car was also a challange because she could not sit. She had to lay. So you will need to have a back seat that will accomidate your son. This was a very trying time for my family with all that we had to deal with. However, after 6 weeks of the very heavy cast we were finally able to have the cast removed. I thought she would be really relieved after the cast was removed however, she was very fearful of movement and it took months of therapy to help with the stiffness and pyschological fears of Doctors alone. Now, almost 2 years after the surgery I am not sure if the procedure helped? She is able to stand with assistance and able to pull her self to a stand. But walking still isnt in the picture. If I were to have it done all over again, I probably would not given all that was involved. It is hard to see your child in pain and this was the kind of pain that a parent has a real hard time with. If you have more specific questions please feel free to respond. I could go on for pages about this experience. Remember, what ever decision you make on this issue, it is for the best interest of your son. We as parents will do anything to help our children.
: Lori Higgins, Noblesville Ind.

When my son was three he had to have bilateral hip surgery, he was in a spica cast for six weeks also. and intensive therapy after the cast came off. he can not walk and we knew when we decided to have the surgery done that he would never walk. We decided to have the surgery done to prevent the pain of hip dislocation and arthritis. While he was in the cast he was uncomfortable, but when the cast came off he was in terrible pain, and he had very bad muscle spasms. It took about three months after the cast was off for him to be able to move freely and without pain. I wish you luck. I will keep you and your child in my thoughts.

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