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Posted by Lynn on February 28, 2000 at 22:02:10:

In Reply to: Re: 9 month old diagnosed with CP today posted by Tom.B on November 16, 1999 at 19:20:19:

: We have a daughter with CP 26 years old. I cried bitter tears of despair when she was first diagnosed - so I know and understand the hurt you are feeling and I will pray for you - I know you will be ok no matter how bad it looks now.
: It took years for me and my wife to accept that our daughter was not going to be normal - I really believed it was a curse from heaven I cursed God for the cross I believed he gave us - I was even ashamed of my own child.
: 26 years and many buckets of tears and I know now we were blessed. She has shown unending love for me and her mum and never fails to amaze us by the way she copes with her difficulties. Although she does not speak and appears to have a short concentration span, she learns what she needs to know or do, in spite of her limitations and is a mindreader as regards anything that is going on in the house. She is a contented and well adjusted young person and has a quality of life that she really enjoys we enjoy her and thank god for her each day.

: It sounds as though your baby is only slightly affected and I'm sure you will find a way of improving the situation - they said my daughter would never walk and although she could not move around until she was 3 she walked when she was four because she needed to get around with the other kids - stimulation is great for CP's.
: There are specialist clinics that can help a lot and there is a great deal of new advances in computer aided learning that will probably bring your child forward faster than a normal child - so don't worry - you will be fine - and remember you will have someonbe to love all the days of your life.

: Kind Regards,

: Tom.B

: : : My baby was diagnosed wiyh CP today. He is 9 months old. He moves around on the floor, and can get from room to room. He doesn't sit but he is starting to get up on all four's. They said he will probably never walk, this after a 15 minute assesment. Can they be wrong?
: : : I don't know what to do but cry!!!
: : : Kim

: : Kim, You don't have to take the first diagnosis as the diagnosis. Try getting a second opinion, it doesn't hurt as long as you keep an open mind. If the second opinion is the same then learn as much as you can about your sons type of C.P. I know I cried when my daughter was
: : diagnosed and still do every once in a while. God doesn't give his special children to just anyone, he must think an awful lot of you to trust you with one of his special angels. Learn as much as you can, remember that noone knows your son better than you do. They may have the
: : medical degree but you know your child. Good Luck

You are lucky. Your 9 month old can get around. I have a 15 month old who can't sit, roll over or move on all four's. My daughter has been through the mill with the medical profession. But to this day she has always been a very happy and well adjusted child. She was a premature baby, who beat a lot of odds against her. Now she is believed to have CP, most of her specialist won't diagnois her because it is to early. But they all believe she has some form of it. She hasn't even said the simple baby babble yet. My little one has several medical problems which are complicated in their own manners and now another one I can handle. You just need to realize that your child is a treasure. My baby came from 1 pound and 9 ounces to 16 pounds in 15 months so, be happy with your child. No matter what if you are not sure of the diagnosis get a second opinion everyone is entitled to one anyway. Voice your feelings to the childs doctor and maybe he can get you into some support groups that deal in your area. But look on the bright side, your child loves you and you love your child that is all that should matter. I found that out a long 15 months ago.

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