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Posted by Sherm on March 03, 2000 at 16:43:43:

In Reply to: Re: 8 Year Old Feeling Social Isolation... posted by Maureen on March 02, 2000 at 10:46:32:

: Your posting about your son's struggles brings back memories of my own experience as a young boy, as I rember feeling isolated as a child always wanting to fit in with everyone else. In fact I too have spastic diplegia just as your son does, allowing me a great deal of mobility, but limiting my life nonetheless probably in the exact ways that your son is limited now.
To be honest I still at times feel isolated from the people around me now even a decade or more later. Looking back on my personal experience with those who teased me and did not understand me I wish there was something that I could tell you that would make it easier to deal with the name calling and ridicule. However I can tell you that my parents love made all the difference in my life. Without their support and love I would given up a long time ago. My parents were not with me when I was teased, but it still hurt them, and their willingness to listen to all the difficulties but yet not allow me to wallow in my self-pity helped me to begin the process of accepting myself. I wish only the best for you and your son.
: I have the same thing my son is 11 his cp dosen't bother him to much yet but things have come up I have heard him tell kids Hey I can't help it I was born that way. I always tell that there are all kinds of people with all kinds of problems this is what you have and we just have to go on. so far not to many problems. He is about to have surgery I hope he will walk better after : Hello,
: : I'm looking for anybody with suggestions on how to help me help my 8 Year old boy cope with the Social Implications of CP... He has Spastic Diplegia which is affecting only his legs... Heis pretty ambulatory and uses no support equipment, but still He feels he has no friends because of this and kids are beginning to tease him somewhat...
: : We continue to stand behind him and work with him on this but he is really taking it hard lately... Please, If anybody can provide us with some ideas, we would greatly appreciate them... Thanks So Much...

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