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Posted by heidi helmick on March 11, 2000 at 17:11:40:

In Reply to: 36 year old brother w/mild cp needs motivation - any advice? posted by nancy d. on March 06, 2000 at 15:53:52:

: My brother, Eddie, has what I suppose you would call mild CP. He has never been in a wheelchair (except for a broken leg years ago). He speaks well, better when strangers are not around. He walks with a limp and loud noises can cause him to loose his footing and fall down.

: Eddie drives his own van - without any special aparatus, he cooks and cleans and balances his checkbook. We have recently had success in getting Eddie to participate in social activities, though he is very shy.

: My problem is that my father is reaching 83 years old. Though my father has made much more effort in the last eight years to get Eddie to be more indenpent - there are relatives who feel it is cruel for my father to encourage Eddie to attend a junior college and focus on some sort of vocational or academic training.

: There are family members that seem to feel that Eddie's mild form of CP makes it impossible to expect more of him. My father feels his son is very intelligent and does not like Eddie using his dasability as a reason to just sit back and watch the world go by.

: If anyone would have any stories of encouragement, to show Eddie that there is a world of opportunity out there if he would only reach for it. Can anyone assure him that he has opportunities out there that maybe his parents were unaware of, but that Eddie can go after?

: Any help would be greatly appreciated. We see a great mine going to waste watching the Jerry Springer Show!!!

: Thank you
Hi Nancy,
I have Mild Cerebral Palsy and I am a senior
at Columbia College. Although there is a lot that
I can do, I can not drive a car or a van which would make my life more easier...
Your brother sounds like a very nice and wonderful person and it shows that you have a nice family that cares.:)
I would like to suggest that you encourage him
in a hobby or ask him to take a trip to a college campus. I would also like to suggest Long Distance Learning on a computer...
I am very glad that your family is not the type to give up on someone that has Cerebal Palsy.Emotional Support is very important as you may know and also good friends....Unfornately for me, my family is dysfunctional and members are living in other states so I really don't have much of a support system.. I am glad that your
brother has someone like yourself and your Father
to care...

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