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Posted by Kathy on April 26, 2000 at 12:21:34:

In Reply to: CP kids & mind controlled switch posted by Carl Brahe on February 23, 2000 at 19:44:14:

: I was recently in Las Vegas testing CP kids with a switch that can be operated by the mind. It requires no movement. What I experienced was stunning. These kids demonstrated great intelligence and mental control. It was as if they were given a device that allowed them to reach out from beyond the damaged brain circuitry from where they are perfect.

: We tested children at a school for the lowest functioning students from the entire district. Most had CP. At one point as I watched a 3 year old operate a remote controlled fire engine, I was so overwhelmed that I could only sit down on the floor and cry.

: Below is a report of this testing.

: MCTOS evaluation with Cerebral Palsy and related physical challenges

: “You’ve given us back our son.”

: We sat around the table watching in tears as Jason demonstrated his ability to use a mind-controlled switch. “It’s a miracle.” His grandmother whispered. We celebrated when he was able to sound a chime to answer questions without any movement. We watched in awe as Jason drove a remote controlled fire engine around the house using only his mind to stop and go when asked. His mother said, “You’ve given us back our son.”

: Jason has been unable to communicate or interact with the outside world for 5 years. He was left locked-in as the result of a drug reaction during minor surgery. Some thought he was no longer there, no longer able to feel and understand. With new technology, MCTOS - Mind Controlled Tool Operating Switch, Jason can demonstrate his awareness and intelligence. He can bypass the damaged brain circuitry to interact with the world from the part of him that is still perfect.

: With practice Jason will be able to “speak” again using computer technology. He will be able to tell his parents he loves them and thank them for their dedication to his care. He will be able to turn on his own music and operate lights, computers and other devices.

: At a school in a middle-sized city, buses arrive daily to unload 130 students in their wheelchairs. These beautiful, delightful children are sent here branded as having the lowest potential of all students in the district. They come from all over the metropolitan area to be greeted and nurtured by inspiringly dedicated teachers, therapists and volunteers.

: These children are locked-in their bodies by devastating diseases like Cerebral Palsy. Some people think these children have no awareness, no feelings and no potential. During a week of video taped testing using MCTOS the children proved this assumption tragically wrong. They gave new hope and joy to all who watched.

: Children at the school, from ages 3 to 20, demonstrated the ability to use their minds to control toys and other devices. They demonstrated control of their minds that teachers and other adults struggled to match. They demonstrated potential and intelligence that at times was thrilling: In some cases, it was the first time the child controlled anything outside of their own bodies. These children’s’ performances elicited tears of amazement and elation.

: A three-year-old boy with CP gave a stellar demonstration. With little instruction he operated a remote controlled fire engine. He easily started and stopped the fire engine when asked.

: The effort of concentration left this little boy tired. His head bowed toward his lap. As he was wheeled away he turned his head up and whispered, “Thank you.” He could speak only a few words yet expressed thanks. Perhaps he was just thankful for the opportunity to play with a toy himself for the first time in his life. Perhaps his thanks were for something more subtle and profound.

: Other children, in various stages of functioning, did very well testing with MCTOS. All except one demonstrated the ability to understand instructions for quieting and exciting their minds. All who understood, demonstrated the ability to associate the mental activity required to activate MCTOS with a response, such as, operating a remote controlled toy, or turning on a lamp, radio or chime.

: MCTOS may provide these children with a voice in the world. No one knows what they might say.

WOW! Is this technology available to anyone NOW? How do I get more info on how and where to
obtain such a switch for a precious little girl who I highly suspect is MUCH brighter than anyone seems to give her credit for. Please respond! Thank you.

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