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Posted by Tracy on July 03, 2000 at 02:31:19:

In Reply to: Re: carpal tunnel - cerebral palsey posted by Sherri-Lyn on May 04, 2000 at 17:17:35:

: : At the age of nine my pediatrician was finally able to diagnos me with cerebral palsey...I done the physical therapy and contemplated surgery and my parents decided to wait it out. Doc said that wo the surgery I could be in a wheel chair by 25. I am 26 and am not in a chair...but other complications have arrived...I have carpal tunnel.It has caused me much pain, though we are not certain that the ct is directed to the fact of me having cp...I am wondering if anyone else would happen to know anything about linking these two together...My cerebral palsey is not "severe" but is enough for people to notice something is different. Most don't even realize I have it until it comes up in conversation, I like to believe I am lucky, that it could be worse, I am forever thankful...

: I have mild cp, too. I also have carpal tunnel. Mine is job related though. If your hands are clenched or in the same position a lot, you're likely to get ct whether you have cp or not. Having cp does make you more prone to other conditions, including carpal tunnel. I've also recently found out that even though I'm 29, I have the body of probably a 40 year old. The stresses of cp makes your body age faster. Also, my mom was told when I was 2 that I have cp, and the doctor suggested surgery to help me walk easier. I had the first one done at 4 1/2 years - good success. I'm just finishing the second round of surgeries, and I'm 29. Looks like these surgeries are going to work better than the first one. I had surgery again because I was starting to lose some independance in getting around, and wasn't ready to give it up.

I was diagnosed within my first year with mild cerebral palsy. I am now 27 years old and have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I never realized, nor was I told, that the CP would cause my body to age faster. I have fallen into a major depression because I'm no longer able to be as independent as I used to be, or as I need to be. As it is now, I can only stand up in ten minute intervals without my back, hips, and legs hurting me. I used to work in a retail store and a hospital, and now I am doing well to keep my house clean. I am no longer seeing doctors (as they've said that I am aging, and there's nothing they can do) nor am I in therapy of any kind. I was just curious about the operations they have done with you to keep you mobile. Any info would be greatly appreciated, and will be researched. Right now, I feel that if my mobility is gone, my life is gone. I am not ready for this!

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