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Posted by Debbie on August 26, 2000 at 19:05:10:

In Reply to: Re: cerebral palsy posted by ALICE SMITHEE on March 18, 2000 at 00:19:15:

: : I recently found out that my 21/2 year old daughter has a mild form of CP. The only signs that she is showing are mild speech problems and her right foot slightly turns, she also walks on her toes. I was told by a ortho. that she had spasmatic paral. Is there anyone i can talk to about this situation concerning the surgery or anything else about CP.

: Dear Freedom,
: I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with CP when I was two and like your daughter,I walk on my toes. The most important advice I can give to you regarding the situation would be to do the following:
: DON'T BE TOO OVERPROTECTIVE- you'll stifle her sense of independence and self-reliance
: BE VIGILANT- you've got years of therapy and numerous operations ahead of you. If you should ever decide not to go the next step, remember that
: things which come naturally to you, she will have to fight for and to give up on ALL the options is
: ensuring that things will be difficult for her.
: BE HONEST-Don't hand your daughter old cliches. By this I mean the old 'ignore people who make fun of you because they are ignorant.' Instead try telling her that people who make fun of her need to be educated and try to find a way to help her do this.
: TEACH HER TO STAND UP FOR HERSELF- As I said I'm 23 and I'm still unable to look people in the eye when I walk down the street, because I have grown up believing that they are better than I am. There will always be school bullies, and admittedly she won't be able to fight with every
: Billy or Jennifer who picks on her, but she should learn that there is a time to ignore someone and a time to stand and fight. It's better for her to have the wind knocked out of her than the spirit.
: God bless you and good luck
My daughter was diagnosed with mild cp at the age of five. She had already worn casts on both legs at a little under two yrs. for walking on her toes. Her exercises made her better and she was very determined. We were told we should tell her that she couldn't ever be certain things, like a dancer etc.. Instead we told her she could be whatever she had the will to be she would just have to work harder. She is great. She is a certified nurses aide and is great at her job. She works at her speech and is very understandable. She has a son who has a great mommy. Hang in there. These people are usually so much stronger than we are because of what they go through. God bless you. Deb

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