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Posted by Jeremy on September 11, 2000 at 21:09:56:

In Reply to: Mild Spastic Diplegia posted by Clyde Moses on September 10, 2000 at 23:51:08:

I am not sure who told you to stretch the muscle. But the person telling you to do that may not really know what they are talking about.

By stretching you are never going to help the problem. The problem is not in the muscle. It is in the brain. In fact stretching can actually worsen the situation by causing reflex tightning ot the muscle. Don't get me wrong I have seen many therapists advise just this. Maybe a little very gentle stretching after the muscle has been warmed might be ok. This would be more to keep the muscle healthy rather than to stretch it. Range of motion exercises are good for the legs. But stretching to decrease tightness usually does not fix anything and actually makes it worse. Massage of the muscle is great. Also if your childs hamstrings are as you say chances are that their quadriceps muscles are becoming atrophied. These are the muscles in the front of the upper leg.

As opposed to looking for a better way to stretch the muscles. Consider that stretching will not fix the situation. The key is to treat the cause of the spasticity. The cause of the spasticity is in the brain. Educate yourself about the cause of the problem. In that lies some answers. You might also want to look into Botox and applying therapy to the muscles when they are flaccid. You know. Taking away their spasticity and then working on them.

Just my opinion. There are others out there. Some are right others wrong. You have to figure out which are which.

Good luck. Be thankful your child's problems are mild!!


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