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Posted by Barb on September 16, 2000 at 00:09:12:

In Reply to: at my whits end with my child posted by Desparate mom on August 25, 2000 at 13:24:26:

: Dear Readers,
: I have a daughter that has spactic cp and also is moderately mentally handicapped. She cannot walk or speak but does seem to understand some language. Recently, she has been become extremely abusive to myself and her sister as well as her father. IT seem to come out of nowhere. She is pinching, biting, pulling my hair out and laughing while she is abusing me. I have tried everything to curb this behavior such as time out( which she is always in time out being handicapped), yelling, pinching back, smacking, walking away and she continues to "beat me up" as well as the rest of the family. I am fearfull that I am going to hurt her out of frustration. I also would like to get help, but it doesnt seem that the doctors, teachers, theapist understand the severity of what I am going through. It seems that the only way to get their attention is to make a statement like " I feel like I might hurt her". But then, I am fearfull of anyone taking her away and my 7year old daugter. WHo can I turn to to get help with out fear of someone reporting me to an agency.

Sounds like your daughter is enjoying some sensory stimulation - at your expense. I would talk to an educated Occupational Therapist for some sensory stimuli such a brushing. Stay firm with your daughter. Even though she is handicapped, she should still suffer the consequenses of her behavior.

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