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Posted by Renette on October 12, 2000 at 20:20:05:

In Reply to: Very Very Mild CP - Ataxic? Walks a bit unsteady at times...falls down more than typical child. posted by Melissa on September 29, 2000 at 21:35:31:

My daughter is seven now. Still a little unsteady but just like a regular little girl.
Keep positive.
: My daugher Delaney is two years old. She lost ten minutes of oxygen due to my uterus rupturing during a VBAC delivery. She was on a ventilator for less than 24 hours. She did not have any known seizures while in the NICU. In fact they sent her home saying that she was going to be OK and would not have any problems.

: At three or four months I started noticing she was having good head coordination but she had some slight shakiness. I knew this shakiness was not normal by comparison to my previous experience with my son when he as that age. As she continued to develop I noticed the shakiness in her arms when reaching out for small objects. I took her in for an evaluation at age 8 months and they found she had low tone in her belly in and some tightness in her legs. They recommended some physical therapy which we did for about three sessions. We had to move after that. I took her back at age one year and by this time she was walking. They said she should be OK and did not seem concerned about her future as far as CP involvment.

: She is two years old now and still has the slight shakiness. She is very bright and articulate. She does drool slightly but could be typical for a two year old. She has the walk of a "tipsy" person. I think she may be ***ATAXIC*****. I'm convinced she has mild CP. I took her back to the DEC at age 2 years and they would not say anything but she is on the low side of normal. My pediatrician thinks she has mild CP, so I'm going to have him set me up an appoinment with a neurologist for an MRI. I want to get her therapy.

: She is very mild. I am blessed. But I want to do what is best for my daughter. I want to get her involved in some therapy. It is frustrating having a daughter with mild CP who is falling down all the time. She can't catch herself and ends up banging her head the floor, the wall, etc. She is taking some pretty hard hits because of this.

: I have her in ballet and tumbling. I will do anything I can to help her with this.

: We are in such a gray area. If this sounds anything like you or a friend please contact me at [email protected]

: Thanks for reading my long description of our Mild CP, but I felt like someone out there will be going through this too.

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