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Posted by gina on November 29, 2000 at 12:36:32:

In Reply to: Re: Very Very Mild CP - Ataxic? Walks a bit unsteady at times...falls down more than typical child. posted by Michelle on October 02, 2000 at 22:26:44:

My son has very mild cp. He was born at 33 weeks with no trama or lack of air. He did not walk until age 2 and a half although he was walking around walls and furniture at 9 months. We were told at 18 months by a orthopedic that he thought he had cp, and he was right. Michael walks with a slight gate and bent kneed. He is in 5th grade and can do almost anything now, althought he did have a balance problem and fell all the time. Michael never falls now unless he is pushed hard and is unprepared for the push. He has played little league for 2 years and just this year played flag football in school. He does get a little tried during the summer with the heat, as it hard on his body when he is playing sports. He has a good attitude is well liked, just walks a little different. The only thing he just can't seem to do is ride a bike. His balance seem's to affect this, and the fact that when he get's scared he tense's up in his legg's and they lock up, so he fall's over. But, we took care of this problem by finding him his "banana bike". A three wheeled bike rides like a hang glider. No handle bars, all you do is swing your hips from side to side to steer and his legg's are out in the front of him so, they don't fall off all the time like they did before. And, it's a cool bike all the kid's want to ride it. He has the smaller one, but can get the adult one as he grows. Would like to talk to other parent's with kid's who have cp. I live in a small farming town with almost no children with cp. I would like to talk to parent's with older kid's or same age to compare what they can and can't do. I think my son would like to also.

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