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Posted by kim on December 11, 2000 at 14:28:54:

In Reply to: Re: Very Very Mild CP - Ataxic? Walks a bit unsteady at times...falls down more than typical child. posted by Tammy Manassa on October 01, 2000 at 13:28:53:

My son sounds so much like what I've read here. He is now 5 and has hypotonic cp. He is floppy and has dispraxia. Since he was a little over a year I noticed that he was different from other babies. He has a twin who is typical and according to my developmental pediatrician I have a built-in control group to monitor his condition. The doctors always told me not to compare the two, but, I felt that something was amiss. I was told many times to stop worrying and let him grow at his pace. It wasn't until after his 4th birthday that I requested a vision test since he was falling and always hurting himself. I was so tired and scared of all the bumps and bruises on his forehead. I read an article on cp in Twins Magazine and brought it to the pediatrician who sent us to a developmental pediatric doctor who confirmed cp. Some simple reflex tests were all that the doctor needed to unequivocally assess his condition. The MRI and metabollic tests were normal. His EEG had some unusual spike waves, but nothing to cause the doctors to do anything like put him on medication.

We live in Georgia and there are some excellent programs available for children with disabilities. Take advantage of all the support you can find and look for people who have access to this information to guide you.

Currently my son does pt, ot and speach therapy along with extracurriculars like Karate and swimming.

It can all be quite exhausting and sometimes so sad and depressing. I try to recall the time before he had this cp label and just see him as the precious child he is. He is my heart and worth every bit of effort. Hope is absolutely necessary for us. Good luck!

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