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Posted by Jill on October 10, 2000 at 14:30:13:

In Reply to: Re: NEOCATE FORMULA posted by anne on September 25, 2000 at 22:11:43:

They call it allergic colitis, but very well may actually be Pellagra, a vitamin B deficiency.

My daughter had this at about 4 mos old, and had fiery runny poop. The doctor could not stop it. The medical encyclopedia I have described an illness called Pellagra. So I tried baby B vitamins. Nothing changed.

Then a friend that is into health foods told me the baby may not be able to digest the pure vitamin, and to give her brewer's yeast or carob powder on mashed bananas or mashed cooked apple (not canned apple sauce.) Her condition was vastly improved and gone within a week. Doctor's do not do nutrition, they do medicine. I told the doctor what made the difference, but of course he thought it went away on its own, even though Pellagra is a diagnosed illness.

If you bottle feed, add carob powder or brewer's yeast to rice milk, in a blender, and feed.
Just use a good sprinkle at a feeding. Heta the milk as little as possible, to avoid killing the B vitamins.

The B is not toxic, but does make the good flora grow in the intestines and may cause discomfort if given too fast, so don't add more than a 1/2 teaspon in about 6 ounces rice milk. We have to have the normal flora in the intestines for them to digest properly. B vitamins are very safe to take. Both carob and Brewer's yeast are rich in blanced vitamin any excess washes out of the body, daily. Give this as the only food until the bowel movements are normal.

Now, do not be alarmed, as this is just a possibliltiy, but the baby also may have what is called intecusseption, when the intestine telescopes into itself. My 6 month old son had this and it is life-threatening. If the B does not make a significant difference in 24 hours to encourage you to keep using it, I would insist the baby be checked for this, right away.

Let us all know what happens.

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