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Posted by Blair Horne on November 12, 2000 at 19:38:17:

My son is one month old. He started on Enfamil/low iron. Was constipated. We switched to Nutramigen he got diarhhea. The doctor found blood in his stool which he thinks is from either a tear from the constipation or an allergy to cow's milk. Since the blood was still present after a week, on the Nutramigen, he suggested we try Neocate which is a special formula (amino acid based) and very expensive but if it works it is worth it. He is only on it for 3 days, so we don't know how effective it will be. But on Saturday the second day on Neocate his face broke out in an acne type rash, with hives. He also has resumed the constant pushing to go to the bathroom which seems to make him spit up from pushing so hard. This was also happening when he was on Enfamil / low iron. When he was on the Nutramigen there wasn't as much of either. Is there a way to test to see if he has a cow's milk disease? And if he doesn't, is there a way we can make him go to the bathroom a little normal on the nutramigen.

We actually had the same problem with our first son minus the blood in his stool. After ten months of not getting much help from the doctors we called our HMO who suggested we bring him to the emergency room. We did and the doctor there told us he could run all these tests, stick him with needles, etc. or would could take him off formula and make our own decision. We took him off the forumla and put him on regular milk with PolyVysol (a infant vitatimin supplement) and within a day we had a happy baby.

I still can not figure out why this doctor did not do a skin test on my one month old for a milk allergy or tell us to have him tested but I'm going to find that out on Monday.

Is he too young to put on milk and what are our alternatives??

Concerned Dad

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