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Posted by Debbie on August 22, 2000 at 13:00:10:

In Reply to: Re: My daughter Jessica's fears!................ Please read and respond posted by :0) on August 21, 2000 at 20:32:11:

Hello Alice....I was just reading posts and yours touched my heart...I had some of the same fears your daughter has...Well, I would say most of them but not to the same degree I think...I never told anyone about my fears and just grew up hiding them...and I think I had enough self control not to hurt an adult I would say I have obsessive compulsive behavior but it is really weird...I go to one extreme to the other...If I can't get it right I will stop to never finish or I won't even try to do it at all...I have done some energy healing and a healing I'll just call spiritual healing and it has helped me so much...I also think that when I changed my diet and cut out wheat and dairy I am much better...although I find it hard to follow the diet all the time...I don't have the fears of hurting anyone anymore and I don't think things are going to happen to me and my family anymore...In this healing I realized as a child I used to hide my feelings, I was beat as a child and young teanager by an aunt and I didn't feel the feelings I needed to then due to my mind hiding things from me...When something traumatic happens the body holds on to it in different places. These are things we are not aware of, I truly believe that is why there is so much sickness in the world today...It is our bodies telling us it needs help...We just don't know how to listen...I feel so much better now that I have had some of the healing I have had and some of the self healing I have allowed myself to do. Your daughter's body needs help and it is crying out to just have to trust your intuition and do what is best...I used to go to a few therapists and I do believe it did help me...This type of healing is very took me about 25 years to figure it out...and so glad I don't feel like that anymore...I strongly believe that diet has a lot to do with those feelings also...look towards some alternative healing especially something to do with nutrition. I'm sorry I may seem like a nut...and I do ramble...but I felt like I needed to say discribed me is all...

: your daughters problems go way beyond feeling anger because of the divorce...she seems to have obsessive complusive dissorder with some paranoia thrown in, and also some violent tendensies (even if they are only in her head now they may become reality). take her to her regular doctor and get him/her to recomend a good child psychologist. Do not wait untill something happens that can't be undone (ie her hurting herself or someone else)

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