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Questions About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome???

Questions About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome???

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Posted by christine on April 22, 2000 at 04:37:29:

I Hopeing Someone Can Help Me And Answer My Questions.I Think I Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.I Answered These Questions I Found On The Internet And I Answered Yes To Just About All Of Them.I Talked With My Doctor Before Finding This And I Explained All My Symptoms And He Said I Needed To Get Of My Computer And Get Out And Walk I'd Feel Better And He Also Felt I Needed Depression Medicine Because I Want To Sleep All The Time Because I'm Tired (Mind You I Don't Feel Depressed)Here's The Questions I Took And My Answers Are With Them.I'm Asking You Because You Have This And I Think If Anyone Knew Better It Would Be You Please Let Me Know If You Agree With Me That This Is It Or I'm Just Losing My Mind.

1.)have you been tired (fatigued)for a long time--more than 6 months--even though you are getting enough rest and are not working too hard? YES

2.)has your doctor been unable to find illnesses that could explain your symptoms? YES

3.)are you unable to do less than half of what you used to do,because you feel tired? YES

4.)have you had recurrent or presistent problems for 6 months or more with any of the signs and symptoms listed below?
low grade fever-UNSURE
mild fever or chills-CHILLS
sore throat-NO
tender or painful lymph nodes in neck or armpits-ARMPIT
unexplained muscle aches or weakness-WEAKNESS
headaches that are different from the kind you usually get,or headaches that make your whole head hurt-YES
trouble thinking and concentrating-YES
feeling very tired for more than 24 hours after exercise that didn't bother you before-NO
trouble sleeping-YES
I Also Still Doze Off After 12-14 Hours Of Sleep,Difficulty Getting To Sleep And Maintaining,My Brain Feels Wide Awake,Dreaming All Night Long,Unrefreshed Feeling After Sleep,Achy And Stiff Joints,And Mentally Foggy.

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