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Re: As I feel more myself, my family becomes verbally abusive.

Re: As I feel more myself, my family becomes verbally abusive.

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Posted by Ron. edited on October 10, 2000 at 15:11:47:

In Reply to: Re: As I feel more myself, my family becomes verbally abusive. posted by Ron on September 04, 2000 at 22:39:26:

: : : I have cfs, chronic mono, neurological damage. I used to be quick witted,successful at my job. Also very athletic and a Mom, wife, etc. 10 years ago things fell apart, even before that. I'm lucky (HAH!) to have good disability insurance and am beginning my 4th year out of a job. Things have been nearly impossible,but last year I managed to round up some strong spirituality and some serenity around this illness. My Doc's not great, a real disbeliever, but he has prescribed appropriately. We are looking at Chiari. Working with dotors has been a nightmare, but that's another story. What's happening now is that I am beginning to feel like my old self, intellectually and emotionally. As I grow in these areas, my family (husb.; daughter,18; son,21) has become verbally abusive. I have tried everything, I feel like I'm walking on egges (when I can walk), seeing a family counsellor. I have been sworn at in such filthy language that ...well...I'm not sitting still for this. I've put up with all the garbage for too long. My husband is beginning to see how the children treat me. We went away -just he and I - to a nice inn for 3 days. I felt better in all ways even physically!During this time my favorite uncle died and my sister was in a car accident, and some other hard things happened. My husband and I handled them well, like adults, together. But when we got home from the inn, my children started in all over again. And then my son was sideswiped on his bike by a hit and run red truck! No serious injuries, but hospitalized for several hours. He wouldn't let me nurture him in even the smallest ways. I'm pretty good with emergencies, but I left my husb. with my son and went home. When they came in, my son said he had to take Ibuprophen. And I was about to say that if it hurt his stomach I have Pepto Bismol. I never got to say it. He accused me of all sorts of things that were not true. I believe that he hates me and that his hatred is related to all the years I couldn't be the perfect mother he wanted. I believe that I did the best I could and better that a whole lot of other parents I've seen. I'm a profesional who worked with parents and children. I have told my family that I am starting my own bank account, and their college payments will no longer come from me. Their Dad can do what he wants. We are not rich; the kids can take out loans. All during their growing up, when I had to set a limit or create a consequense for crummy behavior, I've always given them a chance to make amends. This applies now. (By the way, my son was suspended for the first semester of his junior year - for pranks, and general idiocy, although his grades are OK.) My kids both have jobs, friends, and are generally responsible, but they despise me. Sorry so long winded. Has this happened to anyone else?P.S. We are going back to family counseling.

: : My husband is the same. Ready to take my children if I try to divorce him. I have neuropathy and PCOS too so the abusive is subtle and constant. Have you surfed the web for doctor finding resources??? Having a good one really helps. I know Co-Cure has a website with doctor listings on it. I have been thru the ringer with doctors so I know the drill. I feel your pain - acutely. 5 years of no work for me. Barbara

: H Barbara,

: I feel for you, but your post mentioned something that I can actually help you with.
: PCOS ... has recently been found to be curable with a major diet change because it
: is caused by high blood insulin levels. If you can prevent this rise you will be
: surprised that all the unwanted masculine traits will regress and you will return to your
: previously more feminine self. If you get a blood test called "Hemoglobin Aic" you will
: find that you are either type 2 diabetic or borderline diabetic.

: I am pasting the report that you need to read to this post in case you doubt what
: I have said.

: Good luck ...... Ron "

: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
: report:


: Report #7345; 02/12/98

: One of 20 North American women suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome that often
: causes hair to grow on their faces and bodies and increases their chances of developing
: diabetes, heart attacks, strokes (1) and uterine cancer.

: Exciting new research shows that drugs used to treat diabetes/ and drugs to block male
: hormones can protect these women from developing diabetes, heart attacks, obesity
: and masculinizing traits such as hair on their bodies,/ acne, and large muscles and bones
: and that progesterone can protect them from uterine cancer.
: A woman is born with around 4 million eggs. Each month, one egg of a normal women
: ripens and pops into the uterus. Women whose eggs ripen, but do not pop into the
: uterus, have polycystic ovary syndrome. Their high insulin and male hormone levels
: tends to give them a somewhat masculine appearance (2). Glucophage and
: Rezulin are drugs that reduce insulin levels and therefore, lower blood levels of the
: male hormone, testosterone. Drugs that block male hormones also reduce
: masculinizing traits and help the eggs to pop from the ovaries (3,4), but drugs to treat
: diabetes may be more effective (5,6). These women also are at increased
: risk for developing uterine cancer, so they are often prescribed birth control pills that
: contain progesterone and should try to lose weight when overweight.

: I'm Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Fitness.

: 1) Birdsall MA et al. Annals of Internal Medicine. January, 1997/
: 2) NEJM 1996(August 29);335(9):617-623.
: 3) Finasteride (5 mg daily) or flutamide (259 mg twice daily) for 6 consecutive months. L Falsetti, D Defusco, G Eleftheriou,
: B Rosina. Treatment of hirsutism by finasteride and flutamide in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Gynecological
: Endocrinology 11: 4 (AUG 1997):251-257.
: 4) V Deleo, D Lanzetta, D Dantona, A Lamarca, G Morgante. Hormonal effects of flutamide in young women with polycystic
: ovary syndrome. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 83: 1(JAN 1998):99-102.
: 5) O Acbay, S Gundogdu. Can metformin reduce insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome? Fertility and Sterility 65: 5
: (MAY 1996):946-949. Metformin does not decrease insulin resistance in PCOS. This finding suggests that the cellular
: mechanism of insulin resistance in PCOS is different from other common insulin-resistant states such as noninsulin-dependent
: diabetes mellitus and obesity.
: 6) E Velazquez, A Acosta, SG Mendoza. Menstrual cyclicity after metformin therapy in polycystic ovary syndrome.
: Obstetrics and Gynecology 90: 3 (SEP 1997):392-395. Excellent editorial in The Lancet January 31, 1998 351:305-6. lots of
: references.

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