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Re: Short-term memory loss... help!

Re: Short-term memory loss... help!

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Posted by Brain Fog No More on November 09, 2000 at 13:20:27:

In Reply to: Short-term memory loss... help! posted by Adonija on November 02, 2000 at 01:46:02:

: I'm 19 yrs old, was diagnosed with CFS when i was 17 after numerous visits to different doctors all telling me that my problems were all in my head. i havent had much of a chance to really go into any type of therapy to help recover from this. i've tried several different herbal treatments, but my body gets used to them and they quit working. but what really bothers me is the fact that i have almost no short-term memory. i can remember what happened back in 2nd grade sometimes much better than i can remember yesterday. and i'm a college student, and this is really affecting my grades. are there any treatments that anyone knows of? i have to keep my grades up to keep my scholarships!

If you live in Los Angeles -- Look up Dr. Maoling Ni at the Tao of Wellness clinic. I have had chronic fatigue for 13 years -- told it was all in my head. I HATE short term memory loss! I graduated from college cum laude and now I can remember so very little! My memory IS returning with Dr. Ni's help. Also, I am looking into the possibility of parasites. Gross, I know, but so far I have had great results with my "brain fog" with that angle.

Good luck to you. I have turned to alturnative medicines because I was told for years that it is all in my mind. THEY ARE WRONG. Don't listen to them and find others with your problem. Before you know it, you will find what it is that your body needs to get well

Good luch and God's speed in your recovery

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