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i give up!!!!

i give up!!!!

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Posted by Eileen on December 15, 2000 at 11:35:49:

Over 10 months ago i had mono. I didn't really feel tired but i was admitted to the hospital
for four days due to swelling of my throat making it difficult to breath.
I recovered and felt totally better. About a month later i began feeling tired.I have just gotten worse
througout the last eight months.
I am (was) a university student in the third year of a science degree. I was on the deans list, and i
wanted to go to med school.
I had to drop out because i was failing all my courses.The year before my average was an 85 without
much effort. I couldnt concentate,
I was to tired to study, but worst of all my memory was horrible.
So i moved out my apartment and moved home to live with my dad. Problem is he doesnt want me here,
he doesnt think a 20 year old should live at home.He doesnt care the slightest that i am sick
My life is ruined, hes forcing me to go back to school where i will just fail all my courses, and waiste
my money I could get a job instead but i dont think i'd be able to do it. I get too tired , dizy and weak.
I dont know what to do. My once promising life is going down the drain.
Doctors wont even give me any medication, and i cant get anymore second opinions b/c i am from
a small rural community far from any citys.
Can anybody offer any advice.
Please help me !!!!
-thanks, Eileen-

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