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Re: i give up!!!!

Re: i give up!!!!

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Posted by JB on December 15, 2000 at 12:24:17:

In Reply to: i give up!!!! posted by Eileen on December 15, 2000 at 11:35:49:

Unless you eat very well and take a multi-vitamin, your body is probably depleted of vitamins and minerals after your bout with mono. The thyroid needs the mineral selenium to turn the T4 into T3 for your body to use. If you are lacking this you will feel very tired indeed. Check out Mary Shomans thyroid site on for a list of Dr.s that may be near you. There are also alternatives there you may want to look into. Good luck.

: Over 10 months ago i had mono. I didn't really feel tired but i was admitted to the hospital
: for four days due to swelling of my throat making it difficult to breath.
: I recovered and felt totally better. About a month later i began feeling tired.I have just gotten worse
: througout the last eight months.
: I am (was) a university student in the third year of a science degree. I was on the deans list, and i
: wanted to go to med school.
: I had to drop out because i was failing all my courses.The year before my average was an 85 without
: much effort. I couldnt concentate,
: I was to tired to study, but worst of all my memory was horrible.
: So i moved out my apartment and moved home to live with my dad. Problem is he doesnt want me here,
: he doesnt think a 20 year old should live at home.He doesnt care the slightest that i am sick
: My life is ruined, hes forcing me to go back to school where i will just fail all my courses, and waiste
: my money I could get a job instead but i dont think i'd be able to do it. I get too tired , dizy and weak.
: I dont know what to do. My once promising life is going down the drain.
: Doctors wont even give me any medication, and i cant get anymore second opinions b/c i am from
: a small rural community far from any citys.
: Can anybody offer any advice.
: Please help me !!!!
: -thanks, Eileen-

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