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Posted by merme on October 04, 2000 at 23:11:46:

In Reply to: Question for you, Merme... posted by jacqui on October 04, 2000 at 18:59:34:

A TCA is a type of medium acid peel which has been used safely for decades. I was red for about 2 months, but used foundation to cover it.The laser area actually was quicker to heal and lose redness. If you have laser only around eyes, then you may have demarcation lines and look like a raccoon for a while! It is better to do the whole face with either laser or a combination of laser and peel. If you see a good dermatologist then they can recommend best combination. I did my skin in Australia as I heard that the doc I went to see there is one of the best in laser and peeling and one of the first to develop it. She did a fantastic job for me, and several of my friends have also had work done by her and all look great. Aussies tend to have earlier wrinkling due to sun exposure so they are familiar with problems such as yours. I had medium wrinkles around eyes, and generally weathered- looking skin on face. It took 5 years off me, and was worth flying 10 hours to do it! ( I live in Japan by the way- not Japanese British)
If your lines are from expression, you could laser them, then to stop any more coming back you could botox the area:
Hope this helps!

Merme, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly is a TCA peel? Also, did you have terrible redness from the laser? My skin is so sensitive, and I'm afraid of looking like scary red or just like a raccoon if I do my eyes. Also, did you have dynamic wrinkles around your eyes from smiling, squinting, etc.? The plastic surgeon I've been seeing initially told me that I probably wouldn't be that happy with laser b/c my wrinkles are from movement. That's why I'm doing botox and fillers.
: Also, I had some horrible experiences when I was first looking for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The 2nd man I went to looked at me and said, "What have you done to yourself? People don't have wrinkles at 30!" Obviously, this made me feel really good- like I really want to age badly!
: Thanks for your help!

: : I had a TCA face peel a few years ago when i was 30, with laser under eyes and on forehead. I too have very fair skin and was ageing prematurely. This really helped. I am now 35 but people think I am much younger. Before when I was 30, they thought I was much older!! Maybe you could try seeing a few dermatologists for their opinions and see if there is any procedure that may help you.

: : : Liz-
: : : I am 36 and was in the same boat as you in my early 30's. I stopped the Retin-A and my skin looked much better! Instead, I started using a Neutrogena product with Retinol and Salycylic Acid (to prevent my breakouts from makeup) for my primary facial area and a separate heavy eye cream. Throwing away the Retin-A was the best thing I ever did! Try it.

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