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Re: Best Filler? Chin Implant Anyone?

Re: Best Filler? Chin Implant Anyone?

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Posted by SE on October 10, 2000 at 23:06:08:

In Reply to: Re: Best Filler? Chin Implant Anyone? posted by Chin Implant on October 09, 2000 at 19:28:42:

: : : I went to my PS to have dermalogen injected into marionette lines. He is telling me that it would be better to get a chin implant and that will make the marionette lines go away. Has anyone had this procedure done? Also, what is everyones opionion on the best injectable filler as far as lasting awhile? He also suggested fat injections. Has anyone had fat injections in marionette or nasal lines?

: : Hi TIF,

: : This is SE, and I have have the same concerns as just had the Softform done in your lower lip right? Anyway, I thought I would write you and let you know what all I have done for my marionette lines. I have had Collagen, fat injections, Allowderm and Artecoll(not sold here yet). The Collagen gave the best results, but as you know, does not last long. The fat was my least favorite...very lumpy and overdone looking for a short time...then absorbed. The Artecoll left me with lumps and the Allowderm was OK, but could have been placed better. I have had a facelift and a lip lift with the inciscion under my nose...all to try to correct my marionette linesand small mouth. I too, am looking for help with this. You will find that many Drs. just don't do much for this problem. I really can't see where a chin implant would help, and would be interested in any response on that too. How are you liking the Softform? What did your Dr. say about Softform in those areas? I would love to know. Also, if anyone knows of a Dr. in Texas that has been known to do marionette lines...PLEASE write in!!!!

: The implant my PS showed me looked skeletal...almost u shaped where it would go under the marionette lines and (the top of the U's) and the bottom of the U fits along the chin. I've heard there can be shifting tho because of all the movement in that area of the face. SE... the Alloderm you used.. was Cymetra? I am looking at an article that suggests using soft form for marionette lines, but my PSs assistant said they show. I can feel the soft form in my bottom lip.. reminds me of the way a 'sore' feels at times, but I do like the results. SE... how do you like artecoll.. is it still lasting? Ive got an appt with another PS who does alloderm implants in marionette lines.. but have to wait a few more weeks for that appt. I had dermalogen.. put my PS did not put much in. I can feel lumps, but it lifted the surface and I think it would be acceptable if he had filled in the entire line. However, he was really trying to sell me on fat or an implant and wouldnt put anymore in.


I had the Alloderm strips. My upper lip was so swollen for about three weeks...looked especially odd when I smiled...then it gradually was absorbed, but I have retained a fullness (two years}. This may be due to the artecoll which was placed a year ago July. The Artecoll is much like the Collagen...not overdone and you do actually keep some of the filler as the collagen absorbs. One word of caution, make sure the Dr. who does the Artecoll knows what he is doing, because I have a lump in one of my marionette lines that I can feel...but does not bother me to much as it helps the line. The other side is fine...I believe he did not have much experience with it and put too much in. I had this done in Korea, when we lived in Japan. I do think the Artecoll is a good product, and will have it done again if I have a chance. The Softform as you know will be the only permanent one, but I have heard several negitive remarks about it...the fat was the worst for me and a waste of money. In all fairness, it may depend on the Dr. I might have had the fat placed is so hard to tell! As far as the chin implant...guess what...I have a rather short chin as well...maybe there is something to it. LMK of any updates. SE

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