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Re: there is a good decent plastic surgeon in new york

Re: there is a good decent plastic surgeon in new york

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Posted by juana on October 13, 2000 at 20:07:12:

In Reply to: Re: there is a good decent plastic surgeon in new york posted by Lucille on October 13, 2000 at 19:41:11:

: Lucille; I know what you are going through all too well. I can't speak for Dr. Hidalgo but I can't imagine him not be willing to look at pictures and give you his thoughts. His address is 655 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021, his phone #212-517-9777, his fax#212-517-2527. His staff is also really nice, I think you'll be in good hands and that he'll be totally honest with you. One of my friends had gone in for a face lift and he told her he didn't feel she needed it, that she should wait a while. good luck and keep in touch.

: Thanks for the info, Juana. Yes, you are lucky not to have gone to S. Coleman. He ruined the face of a woman in CA with whom I am in close contact. Fortunately, she has found a wonderful surgeon to help her also.

: I was so touched by Dr. Hidalgo's generosity and compassion for you. I am in MA and badly I need of a surgeon who is willing to take on the botched surgery of other doctors. Does Dr. Hidalgo take patients from out of state? I had sent my pictures and reports to Drs. Austin & Weston in VA, since their website said they have patients from all around the world go there for surgery. After reviewing my pictures he responded that it is his poilcy not to take "complicated" cases like mine from out of state. I was so disappointed because I had read all his journal articles and he does a lot of direct excisions on nasolabial fold and lip and corner lift, that I most certainly will need to correct the damage done by the other surgeons. I guess he only wants the "untainted patients" ... not those who must be fixed from another's mistakes. That's why I was encouraged when I read your post about Dr. Hildago. Can you tell me if he would review my pictures if I sent them to him via e-mail?

: Thanks so much.
: Lucille

: : Hi Lucille; Because I am trying to get a lawyer I cannot mention the Doctor's involved, I don't know what my rights are. But it was not S.Coleman, I had an appointment with him to try to fix me, I am glad I met Dr. Hidalgo first, I have had my bad comments regarding S.C. I will say this many magazines regard one of the doctors involved as "the best" and he is also the one who recommended the other doctor involved. If you planning on surgery, either go to Dr. Hidalgo or email me so I can tell the two doctors to avoid.

: : : Hi Juana:

: : : Thank you so much for sharing your good experience with us. It seems I have heard good things about Dr. Hidalgo from another patient as well. Who did your original fat transfer with which you were so unhappy? Was it Sidney Coleman?

: : : Lucille

: : : : Some of you might have read my story in the past, and i have emailed some of you personally, I wanted to give everyone an update. I'm the one that got face damaged with fat injections (my own fat) and then had a very respected surgeon in new york inject steroids to bring down the fat, I had ended up with lumps, dents, and fat, I looked 50 and I am 37.
: : : : I found another respected surgeon - "DAVID HIDALGO" (the only one willing to touch the doctor's disater) he promised me 70% improvment, because he said it was a really tough surgery and although he would aim to get it all out, he knew it would be tedious. I ended up better than 70%.
: : : : Although I am still looking for someone that could do 100%, I will never forget him for getting involved (doctors don't like touching other's mistakes).
: : : : NOW WHAT MAKES DR. HIDALGO UNIQUE: He had done a eyebrow lift at the same time as the correction, neither him or I were satisfied with the results. He offered to redo it for FREE. He came through, even gave me the date I requested and to my BIG SURPRISE, before going into the surgery room, he asked if he could do an over the blephasomy so the apperance of the eye could look better, I said I couldn't afford it and HE SAID, HE HAD NO INTENTION OF CHARGING ME, THAT HE ONLY WANTED TO HELP.
: : : : This doctor had nothing to do with the mistakes made and yet he cared enough to do such an expensive surgery for FREE. I have been to so many plastic surgeons, I have never had anyone offer to make something better for me, for free. I don't know exactly what the results will be yet, but judging from what he accomplished when he took the fat, I am sure I will have an improved face.
: : : : So for any of you looking for a REAL PERSON who is also a doctor. Call him. You can email me directly with any questions.
: : : : Thanks to all of you that have responded to me, this site has been so much help to me. just talking about what happened helps so much.
: : : : The first thing I wanted to do when I came out of surgery was to write to everyone, because most of us have been damaged by UNCARING DOCTORS, it feels wonderful when you finally hit the Jackpot

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