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kerri: who did your surgery in florida?

kerri: who did your surgery in florida?

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Posted by sue on October 27, 2000 at 16:09:55:

In Reply to: Re: I JUST HAD CHIN SURGERY AND BROW LIFT, CAN ANYONE HELP ??? posted by Kerri on October 27, 2000 at 12:31:11:

:: I would like to avoid going to him!

Glad to hear you like it! The swelling takes forever to go down. My surgeon gave me all kinds of excuses for the ear pain (that I bought, till I knew better) . It just never went away. Hopefully, yours does!
: My teeth still feel funny. The tops are fine, it's the bottom. The feel stiff or something. That's just a side effect of the genioplasty. I think it's because the screws are right near the roots so it will never feel normal. Where did you have your's done? I had mine in FL.

: I still h: I just saw my chin for the first time and it's still swollen. I think I like it but it's too early to say because of the swelling making it look like it's too big. I asked my PS about that ear pain and he said that it's from swelling. When your face swell so much , your ear canals swell also, sometimes to the point that they totally close what couses pain. I think that's right b/c my swelling went down a lot in a last 2 days and the ear pain is very little now. I don't have any pain from my chin ,only my teeth feel funny ,like the nerves are trying to wake up.
: : Maybe you were so swollen that your ear canals where shut for a long time and it caused an actual ear infectin , and they tend to come back sometimes. I hope it will finally heal. Take care!!!

: :
: : Hello,
: : : I had it done about 2 years ago and have since had an implant put in (looks more natural, but still have permenant nerve from the genioplasty).
: : : It just looks strange, it kind of sticks out and looks stiff looking (like I'm talking through my teeth-it just doesn't move and I have noticed that in others with a genioplasty). I wanted the implant to begin with, because I thought the genioplasty was too risky and involved, but the doc talked me into it (it was alot more money!).
: : : My ears still bother me, and I have to go to the Ear, Nose and Throat doc every year because of the pain. The surgeon must of hit a nerve or something. Sometimes, I can bearly hear (feels like swimmers ear). How does your chin look now? Hopefully, yours looks good and turns out!!

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