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Re: kerri: who did your surgery in florida?

Re: kerri: who did your surgery in florida?

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Posted by Angelica on October 28, 2000 at 03:01:52:

In Reply to: kerri: who did your surgery in florida? posted by sue on October 27, 2000 at 16:09:55:

It's so funny I had mine done in FL too !!!!!!!!
The doctor's name is Gregory Lovaas in Miami. Who was your surgeon? I was looking at my chin today and it looks like it projects too much so it looks a little like a witch's chin, did yours look like that ? I hope it's just the swelling.
After your genio your chin was more prominent,
so after you put an implant isn't your chin too big now ? or did they shave your bone down before putting it in? My chin was also moved down so now the bone has to grow in between.From what I understand implant can't do it , it can only give more prominance but not much more lenght. That's also why I chose genio.
Take care!

: Glad to hear you like it! The swelling takes forever to go down. My surgeon gave me all kinds of excuses for the ear pain (that I bought, till I knew better) . It just never went away. Hopefully, yours does!
: : My teeth still feel funny. The tops are fine, it's the bottom. The feel stiff or something. That's just a side effect of the genioplasty. I think it's because the screws are right near the roots so it will never feel normal. Where did you have your's done? I had mine in FL.

: :
: : I still h: I just saw my chin for the first time and it's still swollen. I think I like it but it's too early to say because of the swelling making it look like it's too big. I asked my PS about that ear pain and he said that it's from swelling. When your face swell so much , your ear canals swell also, sometimes to the point that they totally close what couses pain. I think that's right b/c my swelling went down a lot in a last 2 days and the ear pain is very little now. I don't have any pain from my chin ,only my teeth feel funny ,like the nerves are trying to wake up.
: : : Maybe you were so swollen that your ear canals where shut for a long time and it caused an actual ear infectin , and they tend to come back sometimes. I hope it will finally heal. Take care!!!

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