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Another question

Another question

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Posted by Paloma on November 04, 2000 at 19:54:01:

In Reply to: AlloDerm: (technically: Acellular human cadaveric dermis) posted by Marianne on November 04, 2000 at 19:49:05:

I'm in a delemma because I have little cartlage in my septum, one ear has been used to repair the tip. All I'm left with is one ear and ribs of course. Is one ear good enough to repair a saddle nose?

here is info but pertaining to lip aug. The alloderm can be used for nasal augmentation but I really don't think that this would be a permanent solution. I have spoken with several patients and docstors and they say that it is lasting maybe 6 months in injectable form, a few years for the "solid" allograft. I hope you find the perfect solution, Paloma.

: AlloDerm: (technically: Acellular human cadaveric dermis) Go into the doc's office saying that one! AlloDerm is made by LifeCell Corporation in Palo Alto, California. It is basically donor tissue (cadaver tissue obtained at the time of death). The Tissue Banks surgically remove a thin layer of skin tissue (an allograft) from the 'donor', place into an antibiotic solution and transport it to Lifecell Corp. There, the allograft is 'processed' by removing the epidermis and all of the cells in the dermis which may cause rejection. The resulting AlloDerm graft is the protein framework without any human cells. Supposedly, there is absolutely no way whatsoever to contract any disease or virus from this product. They do extensive testing and bloodwork on the donors and they even remove DNA (how can they pull off this trick?). The remaining material is a collagen framework. There are none of the donor's components to cause rejection by a recipient's body and there have been no case reports of anyone contacting any disease, not even AIDS, from an AlloDerm graft. The donor beforehand, had been tested with FDA licensed tests ruling out AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, HIV types 1 & 2 and syphilis. After that it is individually checked under a microscope to insure the safety of a disease free graft. It is used in burn victims, surgeries and periodontal disease. But, this too, gets absorbed eventually. The AlloDerm comes in freeze dried sheets and pieces approximate to the size needed are rehydrated in a sterile solution. After full rehydration the AlloDerm is inserted or "draped" where needed.

: Now, unlike the Gore-Tex which can be removed. AlloDerm, essentially, cannot be. At least it would be a difficult task. It is softer inside the lips and the tissue basically becomes 'your own'. So, if you don't mind having cadaver skin inside your lips or body maybe this will work for you. I have been told that it can last up to 2 years IN YOUR LIPS, maybe a little over one year, depending upon your body. But I have spoken with patients who have had it since it came out - 4 years ago and they reported about 80% augmentation. But it can resorb.

: Additionally, AlloDerm can be used to augment other areas of the body that have been subjected to tissue loss or deterioration, i.e. "draping" for burn injuries & cancer excisions as well as an implant under the surface of the skin to correct soft tissue defects. When applied as a surface skin, an extremely thin allograft of the patient's own skin is placed on top to provide the amount of tissue needed.

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