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Re: Anyone have artecol or any type of permanent lip aug??? READ PLS!

Re: Anyone have artecol or any type of permanent lip aug??? READ PLS!

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Posted by Joanne Weiss on November 16, 2000 at 08:15:29:

In Reply to: Re: Anyone have artecol or any type of permanent lip aug??? READ PLS! posted by Joanie on October 17, 2000 at 19:37:20:

: :THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH! this helps me more than you know! I can fly for free to canada...since i work for the this helps me tons! THANKS!

: I am in Southern Ontario, and going to have it done by Dr. Otto Weiglien, well respected in the area. I think a syringe is 1/2 mL but it is also listed on Canderm's website. Artecoll isn't FDA approved so I don't know about getting in the US. They like to do a collagen test 2 weeks prior to the implant, but you need to discuss as it only has a neg' impact on less than 0.1% of population.

: : Artecoll is available in Canada and Europe at the moment, Canada for 2 years, Europe for 10 years

: : Hope this helps...
: : : I wonder how ARETCOLL is measured? Is it in CC's? and where are you going to if you mind me asking? I have no clue where to go to get ARTECOLL done at? Not that many doctors use it yet (at least not in Texas!).

: Hi, I never heard of ARETCOLL : Is it FDA approved? It sounds too new to me to take a chance on your health or maybe your life.. Me,; I would never do it in a million years. I had collagen injections and had a horrific systemic allergy. I have have several autoimmune diseases that I never had prior to the collagean. I am in constant pain with a spondyloarthropathy, a rather unusual type of athritis. Also I have intersstitial cystitis, hypothyroidism, elevated blood sugar levels. My doc takes no responsibility for the damage he did to me. So I filed a law suit almost three years ago. I hope and pray he is suffering just half as much as me. Or twice as much as me would be even better. Some people should never become doctors. I don't know how the pass out the medical licenses but things definately need to be revamped; laws changed, etc. . So I caution you, learn everything you can about the product. I mean do some searching. I would not believe my doctor ever. The are salesman of the highesst kind and con artists. And justs because he is board certified and has no claims against him means absolutely nothing. I know. Because of the problems I had with Zyderm collagen and also two surgeries this guy performed on me. He is a JERK!!!!: He almost killed me. I did have my own body fat put into my face and lips to help correct the damage by my past doctor. It is permanent too and looks natural. I am very happy with the results. You can't have a reaction from your own body tissue. I had this "lipostructure" done in N.Y. by a very know plastic surgeon about a year and a half ago. Joanne Weiss [email protected]

I am going for Artecoll injection of Oct. 23, but it's for some scars on my chin. It's $700.00 Cdn per syringe, I don't think in matters where. Depending on what you want, I think one is enough for lips but the website lists available doctors in Canada

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