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Re: NYC Lip Augmentation PS Recommendations????

Re: NYC Lip Augmentation PS Recommendations????

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Posted by Mark on November 17, 2000 at 03:19:09:

In Reply to: NYC Lip Augmentation PS Recommendations???? posted by Tony on November 16, 2000 at 13:02:33:

Hi Tony,
Actually I think I beat you as a man thats had MORE cosmetic surgery than you, I've had 1 nose job, 2 chin implants, collagen in my lips and acne scars 6 times (I know what you mean when you say useless!)4 chemical peels (TCA) I've had my lower lids done and I've had my Buccal fat pads removed (cheeks),and in 8 weeks Im having jaw angle implants put in (the L-shaped ones)and I am very happy with the results,and guess what, I still look natural!.Concerning the question you had reguarding PERMANENT lip augmentation I can tell you of a procedure that I recently had that is incredible! Its an injectable solution called ARTECOLL, it's in clinical trials right now and should be approved by the FDA within a's actually already been approved in Canada,Mexico and Europe and they have been using it for about 4 years now...I had my lips done in Mexico by the same Dr that did my nose job..I know what your thinking..MEXICO?? Yes I know you've probably heard alot of horror stories but it really depends on the DR who is treating my case he did EXACTly what I told him to do in reguards to my nose..I'm beyong thrilled with the when he told me about ARTECOLL for my lips I looked it up on the web and did my own research and went for it..I can't believe the differance! My lips look natural and soft yet they're bigger!! ARTECOLL is a solution of Collagen mixed with microbubbles of the same material thats used for contact is not rejected my your body and it's PERMANENT!They have been using it in other countries for 4 years now and there have been NO reports of adverse effects because the solution does NOT travel (unlike silicon and other materials) thats probably why they're expecing it to be cleared by the FDA in a few months..anyway I hope this helps you look forward to a more permanent solution to your thin lip problem..also Elizabeth Hurley had her lips done using ARTECOLL 2 years ago (much publicized) and you can still see her lips are plump (take a look at her in the movie "BEDAZZLED" compared to pics of her from 3 years ago and you'll see what I mean)..anyway sorry for the long response but just wanted to help! Also if you do a search via the web and type in ARTECOLL youll find LOTS of before and after pics from Canadian DR's who have preformed this procedure..take care.

: Hi….I’m a “virgin” to this discussion board but certainly well “experienced” when it comes to ps…2 nose jobs (1st by Denenberg in Omaha, Neb. in 1989; revision by Geoffrey Tobias in NYC, April 2000…possibly another minor revision by Tobias next year). I’ve had liposuction 3 times (twice by Dr. Bruce Nadler [“the ps to bodybuilders”] in NYC/L.I. in ‘96 and ‘97, once by Dr. Mark Warfel in NYC in Dec. 99). Also, fat transfer implants to the lips in ’96 (by Nadler) that dissolved within a few months. I’ve had collagen injections for forehead wrinkles in ’97 by a Dr. Brauner in NYC that were useless. Over the last year I’ve had botox treatments (by Warfel) for forehead wrinkles approx. every 3-4 months. This is a great procedure that works! Too bad it isn’t permanent. I’ve also had a consultation for penile augmentation with Dr. Harold Reed in Bal Harbour, Fl. (Miami area) in ’96, although I’m holding back on that one! Geez…I’ve really been around the block, huh? Hahaha.

: Now to my current project…I’ve made an appt. next month with Dr. Warfel for cymetra injections for the lips. However, after reading this excellent discussion board, I’m deciding to cancel this appt. since it appears cymetra lasts no longer than collagen but costs twice as much (Warfel will charge $700 per CC! Ouch…). I’ve read your very thorough page on lig augmentation. Within the current litany of FDA approved products, would you still recommend collagen injections for temporary augmentation and Gore-tex for permanent (with Alloderm layered over the Gore-tex)?

: Most importantly, can anyone recommend an experienced lip augmentation ps (esp. Gore-tex) here in NYC? I don’t think I’m comfortable with Warfel doing anything beyond injections when it comes to lips. Sorry for the long post…any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would rather e-mail me for further discussion of my experiences/feedback/etc., you can e-mail me at [email protected] I plan on becoming a regular patron to this site! THANKS!!!

: Tony

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