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RHINOPLASTY - MOST HIGHLY REGARDED SPECIALIST REVISION SURGEONS LISTED. (Co -operation and guidance also needed in order to make the best help avaialable to everyone. Together, we'll make the world of Botched rhino's a better place!)

RHINOPLASTY - MOST HIGHLY REGARDED SPECIALIST REVISION SURGEONS LISTED. (Co -operation and guidance also needed in order to make the best help avaialable to everyone. Together, we'll make the world of Botched rhino's a better place!)

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Posted by Hawk on November 25, 2000 at 16:41:29:

Hi Everybody,(Hi...Dr Nick - Re:The Simpsons lol?)

Thanks so much to the people who responded with helpful information. I'll be sure to mention u guys in my first oscar speach!

Healthboards really are a wealth of information - some of the stories are quite hard 2 comprehend and sucessful surgeries seem to be few and far between. The same surgeons are mentioned over and over again, comments arise about the untrustworthiness of them i.e. testiomonials are fake etc. Its so hard to decipher whats real and whats not.

I gotta admit - were so lucky to live in a society where we can afford to scrutinise the way we look - im pretty humble and sometimes feel like an arrogant, selfish prat about trying to improve my looks - but the ends justify the means (pretty poor exscuse i know). Once i get the confidence, i can help people as much as possible, coz i will actually be able to face them!

Anyway, sorry to waffle - i'll cut to the chase. I think it would be an excellent idea to conduct an online poll of all the surgeons named below or any others, to see just who is the best or generally produces the most satisfactory results for the patients - our own version of "best plastic surgeons etc" Any ideas how this can be achieved? Can healthboards managment/moderators arrange such a feat???

It would be helpful to grade the surgeons listed below. I would also appreciate ANY INFORMATION ON ANY OF THEM - personal experiences by people who have had surgery performed by any of them. I have researched as much as i can and these guys seem to be the best.I'm from the UK and can't make any mistakes or afford to have several consultations....but i'm sure that with a little help from my friends across the big pond i'll be just fine (no lol). I've researched extensively and The best REVISION RHINOPLASTY SURGEONS are:

Michael Bermant,
Dr Harold Clavin.
Francis R Palmer III.

I know that alot of them are familiar - i would apreciate any feedback. Heard or seen on been operated on by any of them?

I also came across the names below: Its particularly difficult to find people who can verify their status or whom have had personal work done by any of them - but who knows some1 could be scrolling about and it could be my lucky day.

Professor Rodolphe Meyer From Switzerland. Acording to his details and biography, this man is the closest thing to a miracle worker - does a lot of work on victims of war - severe facial injuries and pioneered building noses from basic rudimentary beginnings.

Ivo Pitanguay - Brazil, apparently has his own island and resort where he operates from - Sophia Loren is a client (apparently)

Gilbert Aiach - France, Dont know much about him, but his work has laid the foundations for many PS'S Skills and techniques.


Paul Keeffe in Austrailia - the best down under and a leader in the field - lectures extensively to other PS'S.

Well - i hope i've provided whoevers reading this right now with a bit of extra information regarding the best surgeons - why should we have to settle for second best? ! Let me know if u have any info on any of the surgeons. Even the obscure sounding ones(especially them - the best ones are always the most exclusive)!

Does anybody know of any other Healthboards that deal with cosmetic surgery or where i can get independent partial advice? I cant apologize enuff 4 the ridiculous length of this post! If anyone has any info that could assist me i can be reached at [email protected]



P.S. Stay away from the UK at all costs. It really is the most depressing place in the whole world...unless ofcourse u like Fish and Chips, perpetual rain and going down to the pub.

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