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Re: sweat chloride test results

Re: sweat chloride test results

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Posted by mary on March 26, 2000 at 09:46:02:

In Reply to: Re: sweat chloride test results posted by Kristy on January 04, 2000 at 01:38:44:

: : My son has been hospitalized with severe sinusitis twice, which both times developed into pneumonia. This took place within a six month period (1 year and 18 mos). A sweat chloride test was done to rule out CF during the second hospital stay. His result was 37 which has always bothered me. I understand this is a high negative result but not within the re-test range. Had his result been 40, they would have re-tested. My doctor said not to worry. He does not have CF, but he is underweight, and very prone to respiratory infections. He is now 3 and has not had anymore bouts with pneumonia at least. I have thought about having him tested at another hospital, but I am afraid to do it. Maybe he's just a skinny kid who catches colds. Am I worrying too much over nothing?
: : Thank you,
: : Bonnie

: My 4 yr old was tested at 2 months only because of her sinus problems... no pneumonia... nothing... just low end of where she shud have bn which is 8lbs at 2mos..(she was 6lbs 11oz at birth).... at one hospital she tested 96 being the first result.. the very next day she tested at 115 (with the actual range being 70 or above to my knowledge as being positive) went to another hospital within a week.. she was 77... she is tested very positive on the scale.. but has not been hospitalized for pnuemonia .. she has had sinus problems and digestive problems along the way, but nothing like I have seen other kids go thru.... she take enzymes... breathing treatments... and is just now starting the lung involvement that shows up on the x-rays now... we have had non-cf problems... so... maybe just nd to have it done periodically... or now I know they just swab the inside of the cheek for a DNA
: CF-test.... I had my older two checked to see if carried the gene.... 1 did 1 didnt... so that may ease your mind more.... it is pretty expensive, but maybe it would ease your mind.. it takes about 2 wks for the result.... we had this done on our little one because even the pulmonologist sd she didnt fit the profile at 2 mos... she figured it would come back negative... but it didnt.... so... maybe the cheek would be easier on you both... it does not hurt... they just put a toothbrush type instrument inside the cheek and rub a little, then send it off... is worth a shot!!! GOOD LUCK in it not being CF... since there is still no cure... we are fighting a tough battle.... KRISTY

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