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Re: Just wondering if this sounds like anything to anyone but me?

Re: Just wondering if this sounds like anything to anyone but me?

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Posted by Hope on August 28, 2000 at 21:33:14:

In Reply to: Just wondering if this sounds like anything to anyone but me? posted by Amanda on July 07, 2000 at 02:40:03:

: Headaches(places hands on eyes and says it hurts here and between eyes and on the forehead)

: Sinus infections(has had several over the years, I thought that it was just a cold until
: this year when I took him to the doctor and he said it was cronic sinusitus)

: Leg cramping(this has been happening for years, I thought it was growing pains)

: Bowel movements(He has always had a hard time with this, ever since he was a small baby, He
: strains so hard his face turns beet red, There has been times that there was blood in his
: stool because he was pushing so hard)

: Stool(I noticed the other day monday/tuesday that his stool was flooting in the toliet,
: at the top of the water,and after he uses the bathroom you can't breath, it is a different
: kind of rotten smell)

: Weight(I have always thought that he was on the thinner side, but I could be wrong, He was
: my first son so maybe thats just how boys are. But my sisters have sons and they are all
: very healthy looking)

: Bathroom breaks(he uses the bathroom(bowel movements) at least 4 times per day)

: Sweating(he sweats perfusley(SP?) He always feels sticky and gritty.(like he has sand all
: over him) But all he was doing was riding his bike.)

: I don't know if this sounds like anything but a worried mom. Do any of these things sound
: like cause for concern to anyone but me?

WEll I don't mean to scare you But, YES it sounds like something, ask for a sweat test. and is his sweat very salty.... that is the clue.... keep on till you find some answers....Find out for sure.

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