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Re: Just wondering if this sounds like anything to anyone but me?

Re: Just wondering if this sounds like anything to anyone but me?

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Posted by Karen on September 15, 2000 at 00:33:46:

In Reply to: Just wondering if this sounds like anything to anyone but me? posted by Amanda on July 07, 2000 at 02:40:03:

: Headaches(places hands on eyes and says it hurts here and between eyes and on the forehead)

: Sinus infections(has had several over the years, I thought that it was just a cold until
: this year when I took him to the doctor and he said it was cronic sinusitus)

: Leg cramping(this has been happening for years, I thought it was growing pains)

: Bowel movements(He has always had a hard time with this, ever since he was a small baby, He
: strains so hard his face turns beet red, There has been times that there was blood in his
: stool because he was pushing so hard)

: Stool(I noticed the other day monday/tuesday that his stool was flooting in the toliet,
: at the top of the water,and after he uses the bathroom you can't breath, it is a different
: kind of rotten smell)

: Weight(I have always thought that he was on the thinner side, but I could be wrong, He was
: my first son so maybe thats just how boys are. But my sisters have sons and they are all
: very healthy looking)

: Bathroom breaks(he uses the bathroom(bowel movements) at least 4 times per day)

: Sweating(he sweats perfusley(SP?) He always feels sticky and gritty.(like he has sand all
: over him) But all he was doing was riding his bike.)

: I don't know if this sounds like anything but a worried mom. Do any of these things sound
: like cause for concern to anyone but me?

My daughter 2yrs has Cf. And let me say this the foul smelling stools are CF related also constipation due to lack of salt also is CF related it can also cause severe blockage in the intestines be careful. Sweating is also a problem they loose alot of salt which will in turn make hard to use the bathroom. As far a the nose well has anyone checked him for nose polyps? That is something that happens to children with CF. Please call your nearest CF clinic look in your local phone book and also call your local hosspital for a CF center near you and GO have him tested so he can be on the right meds. It doesn,t sound to me like your pediatricyion is very aggressive. Write me and let me know the results.
Thanks Karen

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