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Posted by David on March 10, 2000 at 23:56:46:

In Reply to: HELP!!! DRY SOCKET CURE CAUSING HEADACHE. posted by Lisa S. on March 09, 2000 at 20:51:21:

: Yesterday March 9 I went back to oral surgeon after having two wisdom teeth extracted. I was in severe pain. I had these teeth extracted March 3. Well they were dry sockets. The dentist packed them with gauze soaked in some nasty tasteing numbing like medicine. It did help the pain but it does still hurt. The problem is this I have had a terrible headache since about an hour after having this done. I have taken medicine Tylenol,aspirin even pain medication percocet. It refuses to quit hurting. Now Im getting nauseous. Could this be some kind of allergic reaction. If it is what other treatment is available for dry sockets. Please help and respond to my post if you have any information. Thank you. Lisa S

Hey Lisa S.
Dry socket pain usually comes up a few days after the removal
of wisdom teeth. It is characterized by quite a bit of pain, and
a trip back to the dentist. Your dentist packed the extraction
site with gauze and a eugenol (clove related substance). This
appears to have helped with the pain, but there is more to the

A dry socket comes up after difficult extractions. Especially if
bone is drilled away to remove a stubborn tooth. If the dentist
did not curette (clean out) the socket site using anesthesia, then
most likely some necrotic (infected and diseased) bone might
still be present. You may be experiencing a second dry socket.

Perhaps a return visit to the dentist is necessary. The pain
medications may be too strong for you, since you have been on
them for awhile, but if you are still swallowing blood, or pus, that
can be a source of irritation to the stomach. Try to keep the
extraction sites clean. The dentist can give you a small syringe
used to flush salt water into these areas.

Good Luck.
P.S. Additional information can be found posted on this site
by David, under "dry socket", or "wisdom tooth pain."

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