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Posted by Kim on May 01, 2000 at 13:23:20:

In Reply to: Re: What does "itchy" feeling in crowned tooth mean? posted by Brad on April 30, 2000 at 20:52:45:

Many thanks, Brad, for responding to my post! If you can help, that would be great. I'm getting kinda concerned because even though the tooth doesn't hurt as much, it seems to be affecting my eye area.

I'll be as brief as I can, and my apologies in advance if this runs a bit long. My upper left molar (#14) was crowned 5 years ago ('95). The tooth had a silver filling and cracked when I bit on a piece of bone. It was only a surface crack so there was no pain. The dentist rec'd crowning. It was with the crowning process that the pain began. Pain and swelling during temporary and first week or so of permanent crown. Then subsided.

I avoided chewing on that side cause it hurt a little to chew on it. After my "chewing" side got a bad filling 2 years (June '98), I chewed on my crowned side alot. Around that time, it got really purple and swollen at the gumline but subsided after 2 or 3 weeks. However, since the crowned tooth would ache on its own.

Recently in Feb '00, I chewed on hard crunchy snacks. Major pain. Went to dentist who adjusted bite (I do think that the bite was high all this time because the bite felt bettter). I visited ENT to check for sinus probs--no infections. I did do sinus flushes (rinse out sinus with warm water) and that seemed to help my tooth pain.

Anyhow, I noticed a pattern with the tooth pain. After not using the tooth, the pain disappeared for days. But if I bit on something hard, it would flair up the next day, last for a couple of days, then go away. I avoided using the tooth and the pain diminished. But as time passed, and each time I visited dentists or endodontists who made me do the bite test, I noticed that the pain, now more of an ache, would appear a couple of hours later, last a couple of hours, then disappear.

Now it's about 2 1/2 months later, and the tooth hasn't hurt much at all for the last couple of weeks, mostly feels itchy but still aches and throbs esp. when I exercise. It's been feeling kinda achy since I exercised yesterday, actually.

I'm getting concerned about the tooth because left side of my face, feels a little painful and uncomfortable around the eye area. When I smile, the cheek feels "weird'. The left side feels a bit more swollen, from my throat to eye, nothing really noticeable though.

Just a couple of more things: I had a chip in a lower left tooth, after the anesthesia wore off, I felt much pain in that upper left molar! ALso, an endodontist said it looks like I might be grinding my teeth at night (I don't think much recently but in past couple of years I know I've had major stressful periods).

Two endodontists say there is no abcess on x-ray, one says he sees one. Personally, I wonder if the root might be fractured. Would a fractured root lead to irreversible pulpitis? Is my eye/face discomfort unusual? I'll stop here, thank you again for any more insight you might have!

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