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Posted by Fearful on June 20, 2000 at 10:39:00:

In Reply to: Re: Help David! Crown (now 6 weeks old) is really causing pain posted by David on June 19, 2000 at 23:27:37:

: Dear Fearful
: It does not sound as if that tooth will settle down. You will most
: likely need root canal therapy. But it is very possible to do the
: procedure without any pain. Find a very compassionate dentist
: or specialist (endodontist), and go see him/her. You can have the
: doctor put you on antibiotics one week prior to your visit, and some
: pain medication if needed. The antibiotics will act to calm the tooth.

: You can also be prescribed some valium to settle your nerves if it
: would make you feel better, or you can take some benadryl to make
: you sleepy for the appointment. Have the doc promise not to work on
: you unless you are completely numb, and ask that they use an apex
: locator (an electronic device that measures the length of the root). In
: doing so, the doc will minimize the chance of post-operative pain due
: to inadvertently passing an instrument out the end of the tooth.

: In any event, 6 weeks to endure pain is a bit too long. Have someone
: get and x-ray and a final diagnosis, then follow through with the work.

: Good Luck-
: David

Thanks for your reply. I pretty much knew what you were going to say and I'm afraid I just can't see this thing through. The dentist had trouble numbing this tooth for the crown preparation (8 shots...said it was my anxiety that was causing the novocaine to wear off too fast) and it never did get "completely numb". I just can't go in there again knowing what happened last time. In fact, I have cavities that need to be filled, but if they can't numb me how am I supposed to get through that? I am a huge phobic and if my anxiety and fears are causing the problem, well, I just don't see how I'm ever going to calm down enough. The only reason I went in the first time was because of excruciating pain and that was after 7 months of dealing with it. That said, my question is this...besides having to endure the toothache, what are the risks of NOT having a root canal done? Am I risking some sort of infection or eventual loss of the tooth? I don't care if the tooth comes out at this point. My bite is already so messed up that shifting teeth are the last of my worries. And I've already spent a fortune on this crown that would have to come off for the root canal anyway. I'm just too scared to pursue this. I have seen clinics on the web that put you out and do all the work at once. Maybe I should pursue one of those. Any comments?

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