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Posted by Francine Paolini on June 20, 2000 at 19:01:31:

This problem has been going on a long I will be brief. I had a routine dental capping on an upper right number two molar go horribly wrong in January of 1999. The tooth became infected and my dentist started a root canal...she finished it and left me with an abscess infection. I had to get the root canal retreated because the filling was not extending far enough into the root cavities. The infection would not go away and an apicoectomy was done...after the apicoectomy I noticed dried blood and mucous in my right sinus cavity. Finally the tooth was pulled an a hairline fracture in the root was found to be the problem. I got through the Spring and Summer okay but I felt a fullness like a small balloon at the base of my right nostril. In September it started to drain...thick mucous, sometimes clear, cloudy or, rarely, yellow. I am a singer so this alarmed me profoundly. I went back to the oral surgeon in October and a panoral was performed and was told there were no visible infections/problems. I visited two ENT's and was told that I did not have an infection but my right sinus cavity was swelled shut so they both recommended minor sinus surgery. In December I had my inferior turbinates reduced and part of my septal bone removed on the right side. It did not stop the incessant drainage. I should mention that last Spring I was on five rounds of antibiotics to get rid of the abscess to no avail. I have been to countless doctors since the one can figure the cause of the problem. I finally went to an environmental health clinic in Chicago...had the yellow mucous cultured and found that it was staph aureus. However, no one can see the cause of the infection. My white blood count is not even elevated. I heard about a dentist in Detroit that deals with these kinds of chronic problems. I sent him my panoral and his office called me today and explained that he sees osteomyelitis at the site of the extraction. He wants me to come and consult with him with the possibility of having a cavitation done where he scrapes all of the infection out of the bone. My question is...has anyone ever heard of this and could osteomyelitis in my upper gum be causing this drainage from my maxillary sinuses? Sorry for the long post...I have had a complete nervous breakdown...eating and sleeping have been life has disinigrated...please help.

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