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Posted by David on July 03, 2000 at 00:20:23:

In Reply to: Abnormal bone growth in mandible posted by Edward Malenovski on July 01, 2000 at 20:08:33:

: Hi,
: After brushing my teeth I've noticed an abnormal
: bone protrusion on the facial side of the mandible,
: overlapping the area below two premolars and 1st
: molar, roughly 4mm by 10mm in shape and located
: in the middle root area.It protrudes about 3-4mm
: outwards in comparison to the other 'normal' side of
: the jaw. It's hard, feels like bone, does not cause
: any pain or discomfort during when pressure is applied.
: I'm a 23 year old male, with no known health problems,
: I have smoked on occasion but far from regularly,
: taken testosterone supplements for weight training
: about 10 times over last 3 months, and take vitamins
: daily. I'm concerned about this being a tumor or some
: kind of fibrosis or neoplasm, since I have been exposed
: to minor radiation when I was younger. I'll appreciate
: any advice you guys can offer or any guesses as to
: what this ailment may be.

: PS. Looking at the prior postings I see that you
: guys are offering valuable advice. I'd like to thank
: you for that on behalf of myself and others.

Hey Ed-
Obviously it would be impossible for a response over the internet
to be 100% accurate, but it sounds like you have a "Torus."
This is a bony outcropping the is normal and benign. About 30%
of the population has these and they appear at about your age.

Recent literature indicates that they may be hereditary, or completely
random, or could be related to a person clenching his teeth. What better
way for the body to strengthen teeth that are being wobbled around
(during clenching, or weight training, hint, hint) than to add more "cement"
around the roots.

To be sure, you should ask your dentist or oral surgeon to look at the

Good Luck

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