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Posted by Scared on July 04, 2000 at 00:33:48:

In Reply to: Re: scary!!!! posted by scared on July 03, 2000 at 17:29:23:

: : : After reading the other messages about wisdom teeth i am now v scared about having mine out. they are not fully erupted but they didn't mention anything about salt rinses or stitching the gums and clotting. is this normal? what esle should i know???

: : : absolutely scared stiff.

: :
: : We have all heard stories about removing the teeth. It is not bad at all. Make sure you have a good oral surgeon. I would not let a general dentist do it. Yes it is a surgical proceedue and with that there are minor risks involved. Your oral surgeon can explain this best to you. My teeth were not impacted so it was just a matter of pulling them. I was fully out. They said I would be able to respond to them if need be, how I don't know because I don't recall a thing. And I think that was best. The younger you are the better. As we age it gets more difficult to take care of these things.
: : Good luck, I am sure everything will turn out just fine.

: i'm having it done at the hospital, so this is good right? what does not impacted mena? they haven't told me anyhting about having this done at all! how old were you when you had it done? i am 20, but still scared!

Yes, that is good that you are having it done in the hospital, most proceedures like that are preformed in the oral surgeons office. Did they say why you should have this done in the hospital? I have a heart condition and they handled me just fine in the office. Impacted is when the tooth is not completly out. In some cases the bone needs to be cut. This happens every day. I don't like people messing around in my mouth, but if you don't take care of it you could have worse problems. I am 31, a little old to be having this done. But due to my heart they want me to have them out of hygenine reasons. I am sure all will work out fine.

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