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Posted by David on July 16, 2000 at 22:41:23:

In Reply to: pain swelling.......could it be teeth posted by pyrluver on July 15, 2000 at 07:20:26:

: I went to the dentist several weeks ago because I was having pain in the left side of my face and neck.......he didn't see anything wrong with my teeth but replaced a filling in one anyway.......things have gone from bad to worse with my now taking tylenol or aspirin q 3 hours......
: My left side of my face is swollen even under my jaw.....quite noticeable.......and it hurts from my eye down in my teeth do not hurt when you bang on them or when cold is put on them......but the whole left side hurts......I wanted to go to an oral surgeon for another opinion and would even have teeth pulled because I am getting desperate but cannot get into oral surgeon until 8/ husband keeps yelling because I haven't been able to do anything for about 3 weeks or so....
: I did go to the ER two days ago and they put me on Zithromax for a possible sinus infection......I dont'know how much longer I can bear the pain and have to have ice on my face almost constantly.....
: I have no idea what is going on but only know I can't take it much more.....have many allergies and cannot have novacaine etc......gas or someother drug or be put to sleep......a root canal is out of the does anyone find out what is causing the problem and who can help to diagnose and fix it......
: please answer soon as I am on the verge of freaking out.........thank you for any responses......pyrluver...
: it would also be a week or so to get back into my regular dentist......I was there two months ago and he said my teeth were fine......when I was there the other day he said pick a tooth that you think it could be....nothing has worked so far.......owwwwwwwwww

Hey Pyrluver (what's a Pyr-Luver, is that a Purrr-Lover, as in Cat?)
Anyway, I suggest that you find an oral surgeon at once!
Call around, or call the local dental society who can give you the
names of the local oral surgeons. Until then, you may be experiencing:
1. A dental abscess from decay, cracked tooth, wisdom tooth, and the
2. A bad sinus infection. Do you have a history of bad sinus problems?
If you do, you would be wise to have the doctor be certain of a tooth
problem before they remove your teeth, and then you find out that the
problem was not a dental problem at all, but really a sinus one.
3. You may be experiencing a blocked or infected salivary gland.
4. Of course your problem may not be of dental origin. You should
also have a blood test and other workups to rule out other possibilites
such as leukemia, cysts, tumor or other growths.
5. You may be experiencing stress related problems or other muscular
problems. If you husband yells at you because your not feeling well,
then he might need to be a bit more sympathetic, and he should
get on the phone and help locate an oral surgeon.

In order to get your appointment, you'll have to be a little more
aggressive. Your symptoms indicate that you should be seen soon.
Hopefully, the antibiotics will begin to work, but nonetheless, you
should still see a doctor.

Good Luck-

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