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Posted by David on July 28, 2000 at 22:22:47:

In Reply to: something very odd posted by james on July 28, 2000 at 08:07:44:

: ok here is the story.i had a really bad tooth ache and the pain was so bad that nothing would make it go away.i tried vikaden ibuprofen excederin.nothing worked.the pain eventually spread to the left side of my head and it hurt really really really bad.after i got a prescription of antibiotics and cured the tooth ache i noticed that every time i would do something to raise my blood pressure(exercising etc.)it would make my head hurt in the same place and the same way really bad for a short period.about a minute at a time.this only lasted for a couple of days but ever since then ive been having concentration problems.i figured this is something that would heal but its been a month now and i still have the same problems.i notice it especially if im driving down the road or jaws get really tensed up and my throat will feel like it has a big knot in it and i just cant concentrate.i even have a hard time starring at this computer screen for too long.ive never ever had any problems like this before the tooth ache and head you think that the severe pain has caused some sort of damage to my brain?i thought it may have just been my imagination but after this long im sure there is a problem.any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Hey James-
I could go into a long drawn out explanation that you might have a brain
tumor, or perhaps Trigeminal Neuralgia, or maybe even an infected
Carotid Sinus, all of which could be explored.

But instead, I'll tell you a joke.

A man goes into his psychiatrist for evaluation. The man says he's
been having recurring dreams. The psychiatrist asks the man to describe
the dreams.

"The first," he says," I dreamt that I was a TeePee."
"The second dream," the man says, "I dreamt I was a WigWam."
After some thought, the psychiatrist says, "Oh, that's easy...."
"You're two 'tents'."

James, I believe you've got to relax. You're probably clenching
your teeth and causing yourself pain. You might benefit from
some appliances that fit into the mouth to relieve your stress and
its manifestations. Talk to your dentist, and get evaluated for the

Good Luck-

P.S. Remember, try to laugh every day.

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