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Posted by jonny on July 29, 2000 at 15:43:40:

In Reply to: Help! Need root canal and scared to death! And other problems! posted by Dana on July 28, 2000 at 23:31:25:

: I am so afraid of dentists I went for a few years without going. Not even for a cleaning. Now I am in lots of trouble. I need them cleaned which I can handle. I finally found a DDS I like and who I am comfortable with who understands my fear of dentistry. He told me a few months ago one of my teeth that had been hurting ( an upper molar ) was dying. He said a root canal would save the tooth.
: The tooth also has a fairly large crack behind it. I can feel it and can see it. It is a deep crack as well.
: I ate steak for dinner so chewing really aggrevated it and it's hurting.
: I see my DDS Monday afternoon. I couldn't be seen earlier.
: I know the root canal is inevitable unless the tooth is extracted which I really don't want. I had a few extracted years ago as it is due to just severe decay.
: how bad is this whole root canal gonna be?? I've heard all the horror stories. How severe will the pain be afterwards?? A friend of mine had one last year and she was in severe pain afterwards. Not a comforting thought knowing this is what lies ahead for me.
: Is it really that painful or is it tolerable?? That's my biggest hang up. The pain once the numbness goes away.
: I take prescription medication for other medical conditions and I am concerned about my medications and pain relief.
: Thanks for any help.


i had a root canal about a month or so wasnt bad at took 3 visits to get it all done.he started the root canal and put a temporary crown on the tooth the first time went in.the second time i went he didnt even use novacaine and the only thing that hurt(and it wasnt that aweful) was when he reached the very end of the root canal with the file(s).i guess it could depend on the doctor who is working on you but i dont know to much about it..all i know is i was not in any pain at all after any of the visits.i wouldnt worry to much about it(=

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