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Posted by cj on August 02, 2000 at 17:20:07:

In Reply to: Re: mouth ulcers on my tongue for nearly 3 years--help posted by David on August 01, 2000 at 22:22:04:

: : Hi folk,
: : Here's the story, I wish it was a happy one ;-)
: : I've been getting mouth ulcers on my tongue for nearly 3 years now, I also have a white/grey coating on it.
: : When I first went to a doctor (I've seen several) he said it was oral candida and prescribes ant-fungal gel,
: : which didn't have any affect. Next came tablets Diflucan and Nyostatan (?). These had no effect.

: : I've seen another doctor who did blood work. Which showed nothing. But prescribe ant-fungal
: : sweets you suck (and they do). They has some affect, but no cure.
: : As this doctor wasn't taking it that serious (he said it's just was a virus and would go way, they haven't),
: : I've been back to the original doctor who referred me to an oral surgeon / specialist (his brother).
: : He did a biopsy, which showed some candida (this is often normal) but nothing else.
: : I've now been sent to immune system specialist for more blood work.
: : These blood tests were for Lupus etc.This has shown a slight histamine level, but nothing else.

: : I'm now back to square one.

: : Both specialist and my GP have said it bot likely to be a virus, but I'm crossing
: : posting this on the herpes and dental boards.

: : Any body got any ideas or suggestions.

: : Much thanks

: : CJ

: Hey CJ-
: I doubt that western medicine will be able to help your condition, nor
: even correctly identify the problem. It just isn't in the textbooks, and your
: condition requires extremely careful analysis and interview of the patient.
: Most likely even you will not be able to analyze your problem correctly.

: Here's a couple of hints:
: 1. Chinese or Ayuvedic Medicine lists reasons for your plight.
: 2. The mouth ulcers are found in a certain class of patients, the worse
: your case, the better your "fit" into these classes of patients.
: 3. The coating on your tongue is common, and once again, is found in
: certain classes of patients, i.e. those patients that do not get enough sleep
: or are continually run down.
: 4. Antibiotics won't help, because it isn't an infection.
: 5. Anti-fungal agents won't help because you probably not over-run with
: candida (unless you're 80+ years old and a denture wearer).

: Now let me guess.... Something happened in your life about 3.5 years ago.
: Something that was traumatic, or a big change. What was it?? A new job with
: a start up company? Death in the family? Divorce? Maybe you started to have
: children?

: Whatever the problem, it has gotten out of control, and most likely is manifesting
: itself in your mouth. You're probably run down, tired, haggered. How about your
: diet? Eating on the run? Do you stand up when your eating (a sure sign that
: you're moving too fast)? How about sleep? Getting only 4-6 hours a night?
: And those are probably poor quality. Your spouse been snoring? Are you drink-
: ing more caffeine containing products? Do you have an irritable bowel? Sometimes
: misdiagnosed as food allergies.

: Stress leads to poor habits. Poor habits lead to a run down body. A run down
: body leads to symptoms. Unless the doctors take extra time to talk to you and
: really get to know you, these facts will not present themselves, and of course, you
: will not be diagnosed properly. Are you beginning to catch on?

: So, your problem is most likely your way of life. Mouth ulcers could be related
: to food allergies, touching or putting your fingers in your mouth (fingers are dirty),
: a dirty toothbrush, etc. But to go on for three years leads me to believe that
: stress is a factor.

: Now, what to do about the problem. Re-evaluate your lifestyle. Get rid of the
: stress. Eat correctly. Sleep correctly. Exercise. Watch caffeine and other
: "drugs." And, you might try acupuncture therapy. If you find the right acu-
: puncturist (pick a highly qualified one) they'll know exactly what your problem
: is, and how to treat you.

: Just my opinion, though. I could be wrong.
: Good Luck-
: David

Cheers David,
Your about 90% right, sleep ok but at the time stress, yea you bet big time !
If I eat poorly (I try not to ) I'm worse. MSG seems to be a factor.

How do you know so much, experience ?



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