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Posted by David on August 03, 2000 at 22:47:55:

In Reply to: Is there any medication that can help this problem.................... posted by CindyL on August 03, 2000 at 18:55:23:

: Hi! I posted several weeks ago about having constant toothache in same tooth for months. Went to dentist a couple weeks ago to have old filling taken out and sedative filling put in. The sedative filling didn't work, now I have to see a neurologist on 08/11/2000 to see if I possibly have a neuralgia (dentist had a patient who had somewhat similar symptoms as mine and he did 3 root canals on her before he sent her to neurologist), if I don't have a neuralgia, he will perform root canal if I don't have a nerve problem. Problem is, the tooth is causing very bad pain and soreness (aside from the normal dull ache I keep having). I called the dentist first and asked what they suggested, the nurse said Motrin. I then called my primary physician and asked a nurse what she recommended, she asked the doctor and doctor also said Motrin (about 800mg's). I have tried all of that, nothing works (any OTC medicines you name, I have tried). I haven't asked about painkillers, but I'm thinking I need something, I can't keep missing work over a toothache. Is it okay for me to ask about painkillers? If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thank You!!

Hey Cindy
Sounds like you're getting the run around. Do you know the oods of
having Neuralgia? As opposed to a "hot" nerve? Well, the odds are very
low for the Neuralgia, and it sounds like the dentist wants to get you out
of his office for some reason.

You can diagnose yourself with these tests:
1. Bite on the end of a plastic BIC pen, on the tooth in question.
Can you feel some pressure sensitivity? Can you repeat the pain when
you bite down a few times? If "Yes" the tooth may be cracked.
2. If you tap on the tooth, can you feel the tooth that hurts? If "Yes"
the nerve may be bad.
3. Is the tooth sensitive to hot temperature for extended periods of
time (10-40+ minutes). Once again, if "yes" the nerve is no good.
4. Sensitive to cold? The nerve could be irritated or bad.
5. Neuralgia follows different patterns of pain but can have a definitive
source, such as a sinus problem, grinding of the teeth, blood pressure
problems, and the like. Any history of these types of problems, or
previous history of undiagnosed nerve pain?

Sounds like the dentist remembers one case, and is trying to fit you
into this highly unlikely category. A deep filling, with repeated visits to the
dentist for pain, with lingering/chronic pain. My money is on you needing
root canal therapy, or maybe the tooth could be cracked.

As for the pain, you could ask for a narcotic, that might help. But it would
only mask the problem. Go to an endodontist (specialist in root canal therapy)
and ask for an immediate appointment for pain and/or an emergency. But
pick a good specialist or you'll get the run around there, as well.

How do you pick a good specialist? For starters, pick one that treats
one person at a time, none of this 2 or 3 people at the same time, shifting
back and forth from room to room. Good concentration is key to good work.

Good Luck-

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