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Posted by suzy on August 06, 2000 at 18:54:13:

In Reply to: Re: Your opinion dentist versus endodontist. Please read and help me make up my mind before I loose it! posted by Jackie on July 06, 2000 at 09:30:14:

: : Been going to a new dentist for last few months having old fillings removed and replaced with crowns with no problem until two months ago. Had a crown done on left front molar but dentist had to give me several shots before it would deaden so that he could work on it painlessly. Waited three weeks and went in to have permanent crown placed and start crown on left back molar. Front molar was still very sensitive but he placed crown after he deadened it and then removed old filling from left back molar and placed temporary crown. Next day started having pain along entire left jaw and in the last 1-1/2 months i have had three bite adjustments and been living on ibuprofen. Last week dentist put me on amoxicillin but said he couldn't see anything from xrays but if something was abscessing it would help. It is a week later and amoxicillin has helped some but still have pain in both crowns. Went on my own initiative to an endodontist today and said front molar needed a root canal and back molar needed one too but it looked like it might be cracked also in which case it would need to be pulled. Called my dentist to let him know what i found out and he asked me what tests the endodontist did and then said he could have done the same thing but that I was in so much pain last week it would have been to hard to tell exactly what tooth it was. Of course, my dentist wants to do the root canals and now I am wondering if I should have him do them or the endodontist. Up until this problem, I haven't had any trouble with my dentist's work, but then again, he hasn't done any root canals for me either and I am upset that he didn't diagnose this last week with the xrays and didn't test my teeth. I am just up in arms wondering if my dentist will be hacked off if I have the endodontist do the work instead of him. I am also wondering if this I should stick with my dentist. Was he negligent in not being concerned that first front molar was so hard to deaden when he first worked on it and also negligent for not testing my teeth further last week when he gave me the amoxicillin. What would you do??? Thanks.

: If you are certain you need a root canal I'd go with the endodontist. That's pretty much all they do and they should use microscopic glasses to see things in detail. I supposedly had a small fourth canal that the dentist missed but the endodontist saw. though root canals didn't solve my problem, if i ever needed one, i'd go to an endodontist for it.

I'd always go to an endodontist WHO HAS A MICROSCOPE
for a root canal on a molar. However, on the small
front teeth or near the front I wouldn't care who
did one. Most dentists will refuse to do rc's on back
molars-they refer you to a specialist. I also ran
into an endo who didn't use gas! Can you believe it?
So bottom line is: call around and ask questions.

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