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Posted by David on August 14, 2000 at 21:26:54:

In Reply to: Cavity, Extraction, Broken Tooth and Bridge posted by D on August 14, 2000 at 15:44:47:

: I am 32. I had a cavity on my right lower molar tooth( guess it is number 28). The other tooth ( Number 29 ) is not in line with my other teeth ( It is inside of my U-line of teeth ). For the molar tooth which had a cavity, the doctor suggested that either I can go for Root Canal or the tooth can be removed and I can go for Bridge. He said he would advice bridge since the tooth is not straight. Since I didn't want the tooth to be extracted, I said I would go for root canal. So the doctor said before he could go for root canal, he
: wanted the tooth (number 29 ) be removed since it is not in the regular line of other teeth and it is coming in the way of X-ray. Also he told me that the tooth is preventing me from clean brushing. So I went to a specialist to have my tooth (number 29 ) removed. The specialist doctor removed the tooth. While removing the tooth he broke my right lower molar tooth which had cavity. It is broken vertically now. About 40% of the tooth is broken. I called my doctor and told him about this. He said he would have a look at this but he said he still prefers bridge. The whole thing is very depressing. Could anybody tell me whether bridging is the only option left for me now or the broken tooth can be repaired with crown? Are there any other options? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

Hey D
Your description is somewhat confusing, but it sounds like two teeth
need work. #28 is a premolar, and #30 is a molar. Tooth #29 was
extracted due to poor alignment. Any or all of those teeth should
be candidates for simple crowns or root canals and crowns. A bridge
is used to replace a missing tooth (supposedly #29), but why did you
have that tooth removed? Poor alignment in itself is no reason to
remove a tooth, and poor oral hygiene can be improved.

Of course the dentist wants to make a bridge, he makes more
money. You may want to seek a second opinion, and ask about
1. A partial denture (removable teeth)
2. Simple crowns
3. If the space is small, one oversized crown to close the space.
4. Or, possibly, what will happen if you do nothing.
5. Maybe an implant is an option.
6. Maybe you can have some simple orthodontic work to close
the gap.
7. Maybe you can have a Nesbit partial denture (replaces one
tooth, and is removable).

Seems to me that you have loads of options. Some make the dentist
more money than others, so naturally those are the ones he will suggest.
Try to get all of the facts.
Good Luck-

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