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Posted by Cori on August 21, 2000 at 22:48:47:

I went to a dentist two weeks ago because I had a tooth ache that was getting progressively worse, she said that I needed a root canal and I was anxious to get rid of the pain so I agreed. My root canal hurt so bad, she froze my mouth but it hurt so bad she had to freeze the root. Now sticking a needle directly into my root was not a pretty sensation. After that was over she let it drain and then put a temporary filling in and prescribed an anti inflammatory and antibiotics because she said that my abcess didn't drain completely and I had an infection in my jaw. Ok. So I took the pills and it never hurt but a week later when I woke up in the morning it hurt worse than it had before the procedure. So I went back and she filed my tooth down because another tooth of mine was putting too much pressure on the root canal tooth, that relieved the pressure for a few days. Then I had to stop taking the anti inflammatories because they were hurting my back and making my stomach burn (basically the stomach and back pain was worse than the tooth pain). Then my tooth started hurting 10x worse than my inital tooth ache--it was a pulsing pain and I could feel a pulsing in my jaw so she prescribed another anti inflammatory that is suppose to be better on my stomach but this one does not take the pain away and now there is a constant dull pain and still a throbbing pulse in my jaw. What is going on? My dentist says that it just hasn't healed yet, where she removed the root that is, but I am starting to be suspicious of whether she is right. She says we have to wait until it heals to finish the root canal but I am thinking of just having the tooth removed to reduce the pressure. And why does my jaw hurt so much??? Help me...

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