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Posted by David on August 22, 2000 at 23:23:55:

In Reply to: My Friends Absolutely Rechidly Herendous Breath!........ Please Respond and Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by Victoria on August 22, 2000 at 21:19:38:

: I have a friend who has the most fal smelling breath in the world. In the morning it is even worse it smells like a rotting fish even worse it is so bad i feel like vomiting. I have to have to hold my breath when she talks to me. I don't want to tell her because she is very sensitive and she is my 2nd bestbud. It is just absolutely unbearable. Even when she brushes her teeth 6 minutes later it is back. Nobody has ever said anything to her, but i am sure the know it. What can she do about it? How will she ever get a date? I could barely even talk to her anymore. She brushes, but sometimes skips and she doesn't floss. Is this just the absolute worst case of holitosos? Maybe it has to do with her gums? Could it have anything to do with her stomach or diet? Please respond, i am begging you! For my sake and my friend's sake. I would really appreciate it!
: Thankyou,
: Victoria(:
: P.S. She doesn't even know it!

Hey Victoria-
Sounds like a pretty bad problem, I got sick just reading your
description. Anyway, she should have something done to get the
problem under control, or she'll lose what few friends she has left, not
to mention her job.

I suggest she have the following check:
1. Complete dental exam, including gums.
2. Sinus exam, and if she has allergies, get them treated.
3. Have the tonsils checked, and cleaned of debris.
4. Does she have any growths, lumps, STD's etc. associated
with the mouth or throat? Have them checked.
5. Is she bulemic?
6. How is her diet? That needs to be analyzed as well.

My bet is on the sinuses and tonsils. There can be some really
nasty sulpher producing bacteria living in the tonsillar crypts. Also,
she really needs to get moving on the oral hygiene, everyday.

Some people never change, so you might try a clothsepin over your
nose, or try finding her a guy with worse hygiene than hers.

Good Luck-

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